Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Prada Saffiano Lux Tote and Ivanka Trump Galyns pumps

Can't believe the weather is cold enough to wear blazers in the morning now. It was a beautiful morning, and the sun was out. The air was chilly but felt so nice. It was a preview of my favorite season - fall.

If you follow me on Instagram, you would know that I went purse shopping during the MA no tax weekend. I set my eyes on a Prada double zip tote, but my purchase (last one on the shelf) from Neiman Marcus was a failure. Upon close examination at home, I found out that the logo on the front panel was crooked (see picture here) and there was a broken seam (loose thread) on the side of the bag. For a high end purse that retails $1995, it was quite a big of a shock to me to find its quality control so problematic. I ended up returning the purse the next day and bought a much better quality one at Sak's Fifth Avenue in Boston. I have made a base shaper from a file holder the same day and have been wearing it to work since Monday. Despite the first bag's quality issue, I am utterly in love with the one I have right now.  Some readers have shared their experience and their friends' experience with Prada bags, so it sounds like the quality issue is wide spread and not just a fluke on me. So I suggest that if you are looking to buy Prada, do examine it closely at the time of purchase.

Here are 3 ways to wear the Prada Saffiano Lux Tote:

1. Wear it on the arm

2. Carry it on the hand

3. Wear it on the shoulder with the attached strap.
I think the bag is classy no matter how you wear it and it's very functional. The open tote area can fit my laptop. The two zipper pockets (full width) can be used for wallet, cosmetic bag, sunglasses, etc. The slip in open pockets in the middle tote area is great for slipping my smartphone in it - easy in and out. Did I mention it looks great on? See Jean's review on Prada bags here and Elle's review here.

Outfit Details
J.Crew Factory polka dot popover (buy here)
J.Crew cropped matchstick jean in marquette wash (my new favorite jeans, buy here)
J.Crew linen schoolboy blazer in honey brown (buy here)
Ivanka Trump Galyns Pumps (buy here and here)
Prada Saffiano lux tote (here)


  1. Love the bag...and the shoes of course :)

  2. Congrats on your new bag, Vicky! She is beautiful :)

  3. I absolutely agree with the poor Quality Control from Prada. It's terrible. I purchased the same purse from the Prada store in Valley Fair Mall in Santa Clara and the first bag I looked at had the emblem crooked/slanted by 1mm. Then I asked to see another bag and this one seem okay although the emblem was slightly crooked by 0.5mm. However, it was the last bag that had for this color. I wrote to Prada Client Services via email and they said they'd forward it to their corporate headquarters. I think everyone who has this same issue should do the same. Louis Vuitton doesn't have this quality control problem. Even if they do, they would exchange with no hestitation. I came back to the Prada store and even called and visit other Prada stores and they all seem to "brush" me off. It is as if they're saying "too bad, you bought it, we can't do anything for you." I am planning create a blog and have everyone who has issues with Prada products and to share them. Thank You for posting this. I'm glad that I am not the only one who stumbled upon this issue with Prada. My first Prada and it is not perfect.

  4. lucky and beautiful you! love prada! This is a pretty bag! Vicky!
    Thanks for vista my blog!

  5. I love the bag to combine with jeans



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