Saturday, April 20, 2013

Kate Spade Checkered Franny Coat

I scored this coat last weekend at the Kate Spade outlet store during the F&F sale.  Tried it on, loved it, and took it home. Loved it so much that I took some pictures of it the very next day. (Very rare these days since I've been extremely busy.)  Then Monday happened. The week was a emotional roller coaster.  I was sad for the dead, the injured, and their friends and families. I was mad. Is this what we all have to live with from now on? There is no safe place any more?  I'm glad the manhunt is now over with the second suspect caught Friday night, otherwise I wouldn't feel safe going out or sending the kids to activities.  

I love the checkered pattern of this simple coat. It's simple and chic. The big black round buttons are adorable. The material is 100% polyester, and it has a raincoat feel. I like that it's machine washable.  The coat works very well with black and/or white outfits; and it works great with brights too. I can't wait to try more pairings.
Outfit details
Kate Spade checkered Franny Coat in xxs (here)
Banana Republic striped button-shoulder pullover (here)
Alice + Olivia box pleat leather skirt (here)
Chanel m/l flap
Jcrew factory Gold and Crystal link bracelet (here)
BJ's pearl necklace (here)
Talbot pumps

Anyone knows what a Franny Coat is? I have never heard of the word, and google didn't help either.


  1. That coat is beautiful Vicky, glad you picked it up it looks great! The whole outfit looks great too. I'm sooo glad you and the family are safe. I'm sure we were all glued to the TV and social media and I'm just so glad the ordeal is over. Hopefully healing can begin.

  2. the coat looks great! and i'm glad you're doing well. i didn't find out about any of that until yesterday. these things are happening too often, gosh, i'm so sad & disappointed by it. and mad. i know what you mean :(

  3. What a score! You pair it perfectly with the stripe making a daring yet elegant print mix! Of course the classic flap completes the whole look :)




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