Sunday, February 3, 2013

Berry Cable + Bow Cord with Celine Mini Luggage Tote

I found this cable sweater (officially called Aran-Stitch) at Talbots store and was surprised how beautiful the pattern was (not so much in the online photo for some reason).  The color (apple candy) is a rich dark berry and is flattering on most skin tones. I also loved the orange color in store but decided against it because it didn't do much for me for some reason (probably because of both skin color and hair color). Online has a wine color in miss sizes (not in petite) that I also love. I compared the petite size P with miss XS for this sweater and the differences were minimal. If you don't mind a bit longer lengths, you'll have a much larger selection of colors online.

The ribbon bow corduroy is from Crewcut (size 14) and fits great on me. It's not one of my everyday pants but is so unique and lovely I decided to keep it. It's a way cheaper version of the J.Crew adult version here. I look like a Christmas present, don't I?

I got so sick of the looks of pumps that I decided to change it up a little bit on my choice of footwear. These Coach lace up booties are still one of my favorite purchases from Marshalls. 

A few words about this Celine mini luggage tote after having it for a week or so. 
  • It's heavy (2.5 pounds)
  • It's amazingly versatile (goes with pretty much every outfit I put together)
  • It's large (fits a lot but on the other hand I don't like to put too much in it since it was already heavy)
  • Leather is amazing - soft but extremely tough.
  • Some part of the trims are peeling (that's how it was when I got it) which surprises me since I didn't expect the make of an expensive designer bag to have that problem, period.
  • Looks borderline ridiculous on me. I'd go a size down if I purchase. A micro would be perfect. For reference I'm 5 feet. Mini measurement (12x12x7), micro measurement (10.5x11x5).

Outfit Details
Talbots Aran-Stitch Sweater in Candy Apple (buy here)
J.Crew Girls' toothpick cord in ribbon bow print (buy here)
Coach lace-up booties (similar here, here)
Ann Taylor chambray shirt (similar here)
Michael Kors watch (review here, buy here)
Stella & Dot bracelet won from AlterationsNeeded
pearl necklace from BJ's. (buy here)
Red stone pendant and bracelet set (gifted by a friend)
Celine Mini Luggage Tote (rented from BBOS, invite here, take 30% off rental today only with code 30EXTRA)


  1. Love your new Celine tote - thanks for the details about it!

  2. Amazing outfit especially the sweater..You look beautiful.

    Clothing Online

  3. Like the color combination of the pants and sweater.. the rest just follow through!

    Greetings from Dubai!
    New post :

    1. :) Thank you! You rock the hidden wedge sneaker, btw!

  4. You look fabulous with that sweater! I just recently purchased a cable sweater for the same color from BR but with turtleneck (this one!) and I've been wearing it every week! The color and the thickness of the sweater makes the winter a lot cozier :)

    p.s. love your "post-christmas" red/green festive style!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Julia. I love your BR turtle neck!

  5. Love the outfit, it's so festive!
    I don't think the Celine is too large or ridiculous on you, but the micro might be more comfortable for you. Thanks for the details!



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