Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January Picks of the Month

I want to do a quick post of some of my new purchases this month that I really love and recommend.

Jcrew Factory Classic Crewneck Cardigan in Chartreuse, size xxs. Great fit and color. The color in real life is less lemony and more mustardy. on sale for $12. I love the fit so much that I picked up a couple of more colors for spring - bright azalea and extravagant green.  

Cambridge Cable Turtleneck Sweater in Antique White (size xxs) Similar here. I love the chunky sweater. It doesn't look too bulky. The length and the fit is great. It's very warm, so for me who runs a bit warmer than normal can only wear it in the middle of winter. The fabric is a bit scratchy, but not too much. I was wearing a tissue turtle neck underneath so no problem at all.

Loft Julie Ankle Pants in Tile Print Doubleweave Cotton (size 00P)
I mentioned these pants in this post, Great fit.

I "borrowed" the Celine mini luggage tote from Bag Borrow and Steal and LOVE it. I've been wearing it to work everyday and taking it to the mall for shopping trips too. The bag itself is on the heavy side, if you are not used to it. I weighed it just for curiosity - net 2.5 pounds!  Here's the Celine mini against my Philip Lim Pashli mini (worn here). They are cute in their own ways, right? Here's the invite to BBOS.

Petite Schoolboy Blazer in Velvet (size P00, in Navy). This is by far my favorite purchase this month. Love love love the color and the fit. Can't take it off!
Boy Shirt in Grey Tartan (size 00, heather grey red), no longer available, similar here, f21 version here, old navy here.

I can't find this forever 21 blazer online, but found a very similar longer version here for $14.99 (half off). It's a good blush colored blazer for spring and summer.
J.Crew factory polka-dot popover in xxs.

I've been acquiring polka dots left and right recently, and you can see in this post. The blue one is from the regular jcrew store (not factory), and the quality of the two popovers are very similar. The factory one actually doesn't wrinkle as much.
Madewell cropped lace blazer in size 2. Lace and blazer, for $30, I was sold instantly. I got this in store and couldn't find a size 0, and the size 2 fits me decent, for a casual loose fitting look.

Another favorite Madewell find this month is this spotted snowfall sweater in camel. I was eyeing this sweater for a long time and couldn't believe my eyes when I found it on sale for half off in store with size xs left. I picked it up without any hesitation. Very soft and cozy.

Ok, that's all for today. I want to close by sharing this Instagram Tay posted the other day. I was roaring with laughter. This is how I scored a number of J.Crew sold out pieces. Anyone else?


  1. great finds Vicky and I am contemplating about buying that Pashli and did not realize how tiny it looks like next to the Celine micro tote. decisions decisions.... that last pic was really funny.


    1. Thank you, Sam. The Celine in picture was the mini, not the micro. The micro is a bit smaller and would be perfect for people my size.

  2. Great reviews! The sales have been getting me this month, I have spent nearly as much this month as I did christmas shopping :(. Quick question - what phone photo editing app do you use that merges 3 pictures? I remember you mentioning it a long time ago, but I can't find where. Thanks!

    1. Yeah, same here. I was actually pretty happy to see the 40% off deal gone this morning. lol. The app I use is called "Frames" and it's free for basic stuff.

  3. Hey Vicky!

    Love the tartan on you! Also liking how you styled the spotted camel sweater...really like that color.

    Lol Checking online in the middle of the night is exactly what I did to get my Tillary purse from J. Crew during the end of summer/fall.

  4. Lovely finds Vicky! I love the Celine on you... you always 'borrow' great pieces from BBOS.

    The picture that Tay posted made me giggle. J.Crew pop-ups are the best kept 'secret'. ;)

    1. I know right? btw, saw the girl's bow coat in Golden Chartreuse size 14 pop up this morning. :)

  5. Great pick, I love how comfy the turtle neck sweater looks! I'm not a big fan of Celine tote plus it's heavy! Good choice to 'borrow' it first before committing, I should try that too!

    Greeting from Dubai!
    Check out my new post :)

    1. You are so right. I was surprised how heavy it was but got used to it over time. :) I love the leather and the make - however I did notice that the leather covering the trim was peeling (really didn't expect it even for a rental). I would say a micro would be perfect. :)

  6. Love that polka dot sweater from madewell, especially after seeing it on rachel bilson! I've been eyeing it too but no luck =(

    1. Really? Rachel Bilson? Now I'm curious and would probably go on a internet search. lol.



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