Friday, January 4, 2013

A Week in Instagram: 2013 week 1

Hi everyone! Happy Friday. I wish every week is this short. :)

I want to share a few of my favorite online orders first.

When Ann Taylor ran its various different super duper attractive sales, I placed a few orders. Now they are trickling in in packages. I don't have everything in pictures, but want to show what I have so far.
Foldover Nappy Leather Clutch in Scarlet Maple - Was $98. I paid $29.75. As of this post writing, the price has gone back to $69.99. with extra 40% off (no code needed), it comes down to $42. The color is very nice, and the leather is super soft and of high quality. I recommend it 100%. See it on Jean here.

Petite Crepe Scalloped Hem Top - $88. still original price online. I got it with 50% off. I'm wearing an xxsp. The top is very pretty, of substantial weight, and very flowy. The scalloped hem is very pretty. My only gripe is that the top is Dry Clean Only and DO NOT STEAM. Fabric content is 63% polyester, 33% rayon, 4% Spandex.

Petite Classic Hatch Print Ankle pants - $88. still original price online. I got it with 50% off. I'm wearing a 00P. Nice fabric and feel. Great fit. (note, true 00P'ers, under 95lb, you will have a waist gap. Since I gained a few pounds over the holidays, these pants fit like a glove.)
I own a few PJs and my favorite was from Victoria's Secret 3-4 years ago. I noticed that I always reached for the VS set after laundry. This year I've decided to get another set to replace the worn out ones. The color of The Dreamer Flannel Pajama (on clearance now for $29.99) is a little pinker than the online photo (which seems to be true red), but I like it just the same. What I like about VS is that they have a length option for their PJs. I got "short". Surprise! The matching Dreamer Flannel Slipper is on clearance for $9.99. It's fuzzy and warm, and it is so nice to have especially for going to the bathroom at night - keep the tootsies away from the cold bathroom tile floors. I have a size 6 feet, and size S fits me perfectly. Notice that size XS is for size 3-4 feet.

Now onto some OOTD pictures.
Loft white shirt (very old)
Loft striped knit jacket (cute Ann Taylor version here)
JCrew wool mini skirt in charcoal (buy similar here)
Coach booties (old)
Swarovski necklace and earrings set (gifted from husband)
Ann Taylor skinny belt in gray (similar here)
pearl bracelet (gifted from husband, from this set)

Ann Taylor chambray shirt (xxsp, similar here)
J.Crew No. 2 pencil skirt in double-serge wool (00P, buy here)
Ann Taylor perfect pumps in city taupe (buy here)
Necklace (from this set)

Just booked 4 tickets to go to Orlando in February. So excited! Besides Disney parks and Universal, any good activities you would recommend?


  1. Love your 1st Ann Taylor outfit. I feel like it's going to be awhile before they have another

  2. Love the pj set!
    So cool that you are going to Orlando. Feb is a great time to go, not too crowded. It has been several yrs since we have been to Orlando, but when we used to go either w kids or w/out , we would always try to stop by the beach.
    It can get kinda cold at night. We got caught off guard the first time, and the entire family ended up w Disney ski caps and sweaters as souvenirs, lol. I cant wait to go back. I just have wait until my youngest gets a little older.

    1. That's a great idea. We are debating between a cruise and park/beach. Will definitely take your advice and dress accordingly. :)

  3. I love the bag. It's so hard to get PJ's that fit. I didn't know that VS did PJ's in a short. They opened a store in the UK last year, so I'll do some research and see if they stock short PJ's online.

  4. Love the tripe jacket, sweetie, and that matchy-matchy pj is just super cute!! Enjoy your trip and take lots of pictures, ok? I've never been to Orlando before..

    Hugs and kisses from :

  5. I really wanted that yellow top, and I can deal with dry clean only...but do not steam??? I don't think I can deal...thanks for the info :)

  6. Your blog is amazing, just discovered it! Would love to see some casual ideas (think leggings, casual LOFT shirt, flats... Maybe telling you I'm a nanny might help! I need to look stylish but have to be comfy to play with my littles and everything has to be easily washable!) xx

    1. Hi Amanda. Thank you so much for visiting. I can say the same thing to you after visiting your blog today. You are such a strong and amazing girl!
      For casual ideas, may I recommend a couple of my favorite blogs to you. You'll find infinite inspiration:
      Have a great weekend!

  7. Oh and try Soma for jammies. I'm 5'2 and nothing seems to be too long. They have a comfiest pants and all styles of pjs. I ONLY wear their pajamas! :)

  8. I love the scalloped hem on the yellow top. Super cute. :)

  9. OOOH Vicky I love that yellow top! And of course the PJs LOL!

  10. My favorite is the scalloped hemmed top! I saw it in store and only wished I tried it on. 50% off is such a good deal.

    Have fun in Disney in February. I'll look forward to some pictures on IG I hope? :) I loved Epcot Center best and their Japanese restaurant there. When I went back in college I had the best smoothie and salad with the ginger dressing. (My opinion could have been skewed by my college student taste buds though.) I also enjoyed the shop in 'little Japan'. There were sooo many Totoro items which I adored.



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