Saturday, October 15, 2011

REVIEW: Ann Taylor Petite Plush Wool Cordial Coat

Loft sequins top in xxsp (last year)
 Ann Taylor Leopard print cardigan xsp (last season)
Gap ponte legging pants 00 hemmed (worn here)
STEVEN by Steve Madden Bolerro Boots (LOVE! buy here, review coming up)
Ann Taylor Plush Wool Cordial Coat xxsp (current, sold out online)
Vintage Peri Cameo (ebay)

Ann Taylor Petite Plush Wool Cordial Coat in XXSP
This coat is completely sold out online. I haven't seen any petite sizes in stores near me.

Front view of this coat is very boxy. Absolutely no cinching on the waist. Upper right picture I was trying to show how wide this coat is by pulling one side in for a nicer fit of my body. It will need to wrap over a lot more. I supposed to can re-sew the buttons to be a little farther from the edge, but not enough to make it look more fit. Lower left picture, I was using my left hand to cinch in to my waist. See how much bigger it is? The buttons are hidden and the button holes are as well, as shown in the lower right picture. Please click on the pictures to see bigger image.

Here is how it looks opened. Sorry the wind was furious this morning. It doesn't look that bad opened.
The back view 
-- Very soft wool. When I took it out of the package, it was like holding a kitten. Very cashmere like, but its 100% wool.
-- Very nice camel color. I have been on the outlook for a camel coat this winter and thought this might be it. But unfortunately it's way too big and boxy on me.
-- Sleeve length is perfect on me. 

-- Boxy as I mentioned above.
-- I don't like the position of the pockets. Think about how you would look with your hands in those pockets. I couldn't model it because the pockets were closed, but I can assure you that you would look like you are stuck in a permanent shrugging position.

Verdict: Return. (Let me know quickly if you want this coat, otherwise, it's going back to the store. It will probably fit someone one to two size bigger than me.)


  1. thanks for the review!! im not a fan of that cut, but its not too bad open. imo, in winter, more fitted apparel is better, seeing as we already have tons of layers making us look bigger!

  2. Awe too bad the coat is so big! I bought a similar version last year in gray wool but never bothered to post it...

    I wonder why they make them so darn big!!!

  3. OMG..the coat is huge on you. I got the boulevard trench a few days ago and still undecided. I like it but not in love with it. My husband absolutely loves it. I don't know what to do yet. Hopefully, I'll have the review up next week so you can help me =) Have a great weekend!

  4. Mmm. That coat is really meh, I'm glad you're returning it!

    The leopard cardigan looks GREAT on you though, it's a perfect fit! :]

  5. it's too bad that this jacket really is too boxy.  money saved at least!

    cute & little

  6. that coat looks really warm and comfy.
    i like the color too. it can go with pretty much everything. :D
    Great review!

    Btw, i like your whole outfit!
    it looks really cute. Great job at putting it together.


  7. So glad you decided to return! Definitely too boxy! Lol! about the "permanent shrug." Very true!

    I love your outfit, though!! So cute!!

  8. Thanks for the review Vicky! I am happy I didn't order's a little different from what I pictured. I wanted something with a different silhouette. 



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