Saturday, July 9, 2011

Montreal photo gallery

What's up with blogger recently? After they upgraded to the latest format, I can't seem to move pictures around any more. Very strange. This post is taking longer than it needs to be. I just want to share some pictures of my Montreal trip.  Uploading pictures to the right format seems to a bit challenging. So here we go again.

The following pictures were taken on Mont Royal. Mont Royal is actually just a little hill in the city, but it's tall enough so we get a clear view of the whole city.

Tristan always makes faces in pictures. This is the best of the whole bunch.

See what I'm talking about?

The big white structure on the left of my head is the Olympic Stadium

It's a very nice city... if you don't visit Quebec City, that is.
We strolled in the old town Montreal and visited the Notre-Dame Basilica. The church is the most impressive of all the churches I have ever visited. I'm very happy that some of the pictures without flash turned out extraordinary. I tried really hard to steady my hand when I turned off the flash, but it was all worth it.

Pipe organ at the back of the church. The top is a stain glass skylight. The church is brighter because of the skylights.

Downtown Montreal Art Galleries.

This is the last time we've seen Tristan's hat.

Soon after, we sat down so the kids can drink their slushies.  Look at how Tristan monkey around.

No hat on his head. Where did the hat go? We never found it. :(

Overall, I like the city, but not impressed. I really enjoyed old town Montreal and the Notre-Dame, but disappointed at the botanical garden. The Biodome was awesome.  No pictures because the camera ran out of battery.  We stayed at Residence Inn in downtown Montreal and would not recommend this hotel. The hotel is very old and the rooms are quite small. The window air conditioner unit is loud, and the whole room had an odor. Not up to Residence Inn standard in the US.  I also realized that with US dollar now cheaper than Canadian dollar, everything seems very expensive in Canada.  I walked into an H&M only a block away from our hotel and was quite amazed at the price of the cheaply made clothes. Needless to say, no shopping loot for me.

I hope you enjoyed my photo babbling, and stay tuned to the next post - Quebec City. (I love this city.)


  1. Welcome back Vicky!!! Great photos! Your fam is darling!!!

    Looks like you had a great time- thx for sharing!!!

  2. Hey Vicky! Thanks for sharing the pictures - yes I wasn't overly impressed with the Botanical Gardens - it's kind of just something you end up visiting b/c you're at the biodome but I probably won't go back.  I'm always pretty picky with hotels so we usually stay the OMNI or one time we splurged and went for the W!  I love old Montreal and just the feel and of everything there - and I love hearing French :P  Did you get to go to Simons?

  3. Aw looks like you had a blast! Your kids are super adorable. Growing up, it seems as if every little boy I knew made funny faces in photos. : )

  4. lol, Elaine, you love hearing French? Do you know French? I know absolutely no French. So after 5 days in Quebec, I was very eager to go back to the south of the border and hear some English.  :) I learned some signs in French though in this trip, like "Sorte", "Arret", and how to tell Men's bathroom from Women's. lol. Usually they put a picture on it, but one time we were at a restaurant and there was an "F" and then an "H". We had to ask which was which. but now I know. ;)

  5. lol, really? I guess that describes all "normal" boys. 

  6. Thank you, Annie. We did have fun. Will have to catch up on a lot of blog postings now. :)

  7. Looks like you had a great vacation with your family, Vicky! The kids seem happy :) Thank you for sharing those pictures with us.

  8. Wow....that church is insane!!  Fun vacation!

  9. Thanks, Sydney. The trip turned out to be a bit challenging for the 8 year old. We tried our best to entertain him, but it's still too boring compared to Disney World. lol. 

  10. The church IS insane. I was speechless when I got in. :)

  11. Vicky, your family is adorable and these pictures are so fun! I can't wait to see the next installment (especially since you weren't impressed with this city). And welcome back! We've missed you on Twitter ;)

  12. Vicky...your family is gorgeous!!  I love the silly faces your boy makes! It reminds me of my nephew! :p

    I am loving your outfit!!  The necklace and shorts go so well!

  13. You seem to have had a great trip. Love the photos of your travel.
    And ofcourse, I love your beige, red combo...
    LAST WEEK to participate in LACE BELT GIVEAWAYBird Watch-Tawny Eagle

  14. Vicky, I love these photos from Montreal so much!!  I lived in Canada for a long time and your pictures definitely brought my good memories back. I have to agree with you that Notre-Dame Basilica is so impressive!!  I have been to so many different churches in North America, Europe, etc, but I still remember how I was amazed by its beauty the very first time...

    I didn't follow your blog for very long so this is the first time I saw your family. You have such a good and happy family!! I can see from your pictures that they had a great time in Montreal. Looking forward to your photos in Quebec City.

    Last but not least, I love your beige and red combo, and your necklace is definitely an eye-candy!

  15. Thank you, Cee! I missed you guys too on twitter! I suffered twitter withdrawal when I was in Canada. I didn't want to turn on the data roaming, cuz it can be very expensive. :) 

  16. Thank you so much, Michelle. Boys are boys, right?  ;)

  17. Thank you so much, bellring! Really you lived in Canada for a long time? I wonder what you think about the two countries in comparison since you lived in both?



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