Monday, April 18, 2011

OOTD: Jumping On the Chambray Wagon

I have been resisting chambray shirts for a while. Well, at least since Jean did her review on a Converse Chambray shirt from Target, then rolled out her outfit post with this shirt. Oh, wait, there's more. She just couldn't get enough of this shirt. What's the magic? I did a little analysis in my head.  It's actually not very hard to figure out. It's the same magic as a pair of nice blue jeans. Why does blue jeans go with everything? If you can figure that out, then you will get the reason why the shirt goes with everything. I mean everything!  I couldn't resist any more when I tried the Ann Taylor version last weekend.  The quality, the fit, the comfort, and the potential to be worn with every single skirt I have in the wardrobe gave me the excuse to shell out $46 for a button down shirt. 00P fit me perfectly just off the rack, and I took it out for a spin the second day I bought it. I love it! Ann Taylor have extended their 40% off sale in store and online. If you don't have a chambray shirt in your wardrobe yet, this is the opportunity to get one. I feel like a saleswoman at work, but really, I just love this shirt so much, that I'm willing to do a free advertisement for Ann Taylor here.

The shirt is totally stealing the thunder here, but I'd also like to mention the Compact Doubleweave Utility Skirt I got with the shirt. It's cute, and 00P fits me like a glove. Online has a limestone version as well. I love it enough to also have ordered that color. The skirt is on sale for $59.99. You get 40% off with CODE SPRING40.

May I also mention the coral necklace and ring by Amrita Singh? I love, love, love these bright colored statement jewelry.  I purchased them from Hautelook when they were sold at fraction of the retail price. If you need an invite to Hautelook, here is my personal link. Or if you can't wait for a sample sale, you can also use code "extrapetite" for 20% off at  See Jean's post for details.

It was actually quite chilly this morning without a jacket.

Outfit Details:
Ann Taylor Luxe Chambray Shirt (00P, buy here)
Ann Taylor Compact Doubleweave Utility Skirt (00P, buy here
Ann Taylor Belt (XS, I bought it in store)
Amrita Singh Newlight Ring (similar here)
Amrita Singh Nello Necklace (similar here)
Banana Republic Factory Trench (xsp)
Aldo shoes

Update: Just noticed that Annie from Really Petite did an outfit post on this same shirt today. It looks great on her!!!


  1. Vicky that shirt fits you perfectly! Oh that coral necklace is gorgeous! Love it against the blue :)

  2. Ah Vicky, this is an outfit comprised of almost entirely new finds : ) The chambray shirt looks lovely but I think your coral pieces (and belt) are stealing the show. Your analysis of why chambray is so versatile is spot on. I have to thank my friend for introducing it to me when I was struggling to find something that would go with some of my busier and more intricate skirts. Now, whenever I have trouble finding a neutral top, chambray usually is the answer. Ann Taylor definitely did this shirt right in terms of shade and fit!

  3. Yes, Jean, almost all new finds, and lots of Ann Taylor. :) I think I went through a Loft phase, then J.Crew phase, now Ann Taylor. Haha.

  4. Love that shirt on you, Vicky! I am tempting. I don't wear button down shirt that much though. It's still a bit pricey for me. Your Amrita Singh jewelry is so gorgeous. I am loving the coral color. Great outfit as always :)

  5. I don't own a true chambray shirt.. the blue shirt I have is probably more like a men's oxford shirt. But I've been styling that the way you ladies have been wearing your chambrays. Maybe it's time I officially join the bandwagon too :)

    I can't decide which piece I like more. Chambray shirt? Belt? Necklace? I love them all, and even more so together.

  6. Oooooo how awesome that we did the same shirt on the same day...I think that means great minds think alike? Hehhehe do I put this? Looove the shirt on u and that skirt...does it fit perfectly? I love it with this shirt and the coral accents in ur accessories!!!!

    I will def add u to my post once I get back on my computer after my 14 hr

  7. I can just tell that the chambray shirt has enough density and thickness so it doesn't look too casual. Looks wonderful on you! I love your Amrita pieces..droooool. Can't wait to get my package from them today!

  8. the shirt looks lovely on you Vicky!

  9. Thank you, Hanna. I can't say enough about this shirt. It has the PERFECT % of linen and cotton (55/45). All linen makes it too easy to wrinkle and too casual. This blend gives it enough of a lineny feel, but not that easy to wrinkle. You can tell I love it. Also they really make the color right. Never was a huge fan of AT, but now I'm all sold. :)

  10. The skirt fits soooo well, that I had to get it. It's very thick - almost feels like the scuba fabric that Loft has. I love the two zippers to, very cute.

  11. Cee, thank you so much! If you ever consider a chambray shirt, I think AT nailed it. :)

  12. Sydney, you think just like I did before I finally bit the bullet and took it home. I am so happy I did!

  13. I am shocked to see how well the AT Chambray shirt fits you Vicky! I tried it on myself and felt completly overwhelmed for some reason. I totally agree with you on the versatility of these types of shirts, they really do seem to go with everything ;)

  14. wow i'm so surprised how that shirt fits!! looks great!

    I'm still thinking about the Karen Millen dress....gotta do some math :P I'll let u know! :)


  15. Weird. You must have gotten one that was mislabeled on size. That's too bad. I love this shirt. Can't wait to do laundry so I can wear it again. :)

  16. Thank you, Lor!

    Yes, let me know about the dress. Also let me know if you need more measurement or anything else.

  17. The chambray shirt looks great on you! It seems like I've seen a chambray shirt recently on practically every petite blog I've visited. I do like how they look paired with pencil skirts a lot though :)

    P.S. You've got a great blog; I'm a new follower :)



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