Sunday, April 10, 2011

J.Crew 20% off haul and meet up picture

After reading Gigi's post on J.Crew in-store pricing today I decided to stop by J.Crew to check it out. I was quite happy with the trip. Here's what I got:

1. Shawl-collar cardigan
was $110, online price $69.99, in-store price $19.99 ($16 w/ 20% off)
I think an xx-small would have fit me perfectly, but the smallest size was an x-small. I tried it on and it wasn't bad at all. It's made of 100% cotton, so it's comfy. It's thick and hefty, and could totally be used as a spring jacket to throw on. For $20 ($16 with 20% off) I was not going to pass it on. Here's how xsp looks on me.

2. Saturday Sweater
Orig. $69.50. Online price: Still $69.50. In-store price $19.99 ($16 w/ 20% off)
Again xx-small would have been ideal albeit still long, but since the design is a casual looser body, after I scrunch it up a bit, it actually looks pretty cute. I forgot to take a picture, but I got an xsp in a very pretty light green color.

3. Whip-snake waist belt

Orig. price $39.50. Online price $24.5. In-store price $9.99 ($8 after 20% off)
These belts are so tiny, and pretty, that I recommend that every petite lady go and buy one in every color. I bought 3 colors in xs - lilac, white, and light green.

4. Leopard print scarf

Orig. price $59.5 - not on sale. with 20% off it's $47.61. Not a fantastic price, but I absolutely fell in love. The scarf is made of silk, wool and cashmere. It's super soft and luxurious. I'm not kidding. I bought it so that I can secure my purchase in case it's out of stock. See how Wendy from Wendy's lookbook rock a leopard print scarf. This scarf looks almost like a replica of the Louis Vuitton scarf she was wearing, only at a fraction of the price.

And guess who I met with in the weekend at the outlet mall?

I returned my defective laptop bag to Bloomingdale's today and saw Jane (Chanel SA) at the Chanel boutique. I went in and said hello. She was so happy to see me and we talked for a long time. She showed me some bags and I completely fell in love with a light beige M/L flap. It was GORGEOUS! Need... to... resist... temptation...

Hope you all had a great weekend, and good night. :)


  1. Gasp...$8 for that belt? It's gorgeous and they even have XS online! Did you find XS in store or just S? I'm going to have to go hunt for it.

    And I also love that first cardigan. knowing your shrinking skills you can probably bring it down one size in the wash. That price is a steal!

  2. Wow!!! Great deals!! So jealous!

    So glad you got to meet up with Jean and Jen! I see Jean's Target chambray shirt! :p

  3. I found XS in store.

    Yes, that's what I said. 100% cotton means it'll prob. shrink a bit. :)

  4. Yes, her trusty chambray shirt and Gap jacket definitely had their glory. :)

  5. You ladies are gorgeous!!

    I like the shorts in the first pic. LOL

  6. Wow so many great finds, Vicky! Thank you for letting us know. I have to stop by J.Crew on the way home tonight. It was so fun that you get to meet with Jen. Looks like you ladies got some goodies at the outlet :) Have a great week!

  7. Yay for a successful shopping weekend! I loved all your picks but most of all the whip-snake waist belt! That neon-orange color online is calling my name. I so wish I had paid more attention to upcoming sales and made time for shopping this weekend.

    All of you ladies look gorgeous! Was it a coincidental meet up? I think the Mass. outlet mall is the happenin' place to be :)

    Lastly, a LIGHT beige flap!?!? Vicky!! You're killing me. Now I'm going to google around for a picture.

  8. Ahhhh I must find those belts!!!! Great haul Vicky!!! You seem to find such great deals! I have NEVER found anything or anything that fits at the reg. JCrew store so I was shocked when you said on twitter that those belts were an XS for only $8!!

  9. Wow great finds, I like how that first sweater fits you actually. Did you end up getting it?

    You ladies look so beautiful! So fun that you got to meet up!

  10. Thank you, Elaine. I did get the sweater. It's lovely and I can't pass a deal like this. lol.

  11. I know right? I am usually not optimistic in J.Crew store either. This time was a nice change.

  12. No this time wasn't coincidental. It was planned. :)

    Oh, no Cee, you need to see the light beige in person. Pictures won't do its justice.

  13. Thank you, Sydney. Hope you find something at J.Crew tonight.

  14. How cute!......What an adorable picture of all of you ;)

  15. I went to the outlets this past weekend too!! Except it was in Waterloo, NY (near Rochester). Quite disappointing that there was minimal XS sizes and no petite sizes at JCrew and Banana Republic!! :(

    I did get a belt at JCrew for $10! I love that scarf, too bad it wasn't available!!


  16. Cindy @ milk tea and polkadotsApril 19, 2011 at 4:36 PM

    You 3 are all so cute and tiny! Great buys you picked up from jCrew!



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