Tuesday, March 15, 2011

OOTD: Found in my reject folders

Good news, my Dad is coming back to Massachusetts tomorrow, and I can't wait! This means two things. One, I'll have my regular photographer back. Two, I can get my BR factory dress altered finally. Yay!!! These days I have been completely swamped (up here) and haven't had any time to have pictures taken. So I went and found a few old pictures that didn't make it to any post and here they are. This was taken at the beginning of January BEFORE the big storms.
See how cold it was?

Outfit details
J.Crew cardigan
F21 skirt
Anthro tights
Nine West boots
Gap skinny belt
F21 ring
Miss Sixty coat

Look who's waving goodbye before getting on the school bus?


  1. I am glad your photographer and also your tailor is back tomorrow. How exciting! I can't wait for spring. It's getting warmer here in Ohio but still raining a lot. Have a great week, Vicky.

  2. How is this a reject?! I love that skirt! So edgy!!

  3. these photos are great and i'm so glad the worst of winter is over! i love the studs on the skirt you're wearing too.

    cute & little
    come join the color brigade!

  4. Cutest little skirt ever! Thought it was polka dots and then realized they're little studs - looks awesome on you!

  5. Reject folder?!! You look so adorable blowing into the cold air, I love it ;) Yay for getting your dad back.....(I can't wait to see your BR dress altered!

  6. Love the polka dots with that cardi...and love the snowy flashback!

  7. For some reason I've always thought your hubby was the photographer! Awesome of your dad to play such an important role for your blog :)



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