Saturday, March 12, 2011

Big Blue - my quest to a vintage cameo

A lot of my twitter friends already knew that I have been looking for a vintage cameo for awhile. I first spotted one on Jean during our meet up.  I thought it was very nice and decided to get one myself. She told me it was a Peri Cameo from Ebay and she paid less than $10. Of course, I was an Ebay rookie and wasn't sure how to find it and how to even make a bid.  So the wish was put on hold, and I was too busy to even remember it. Then this post from Annie came along, where she showcased her pink cameo by Peri. This rekindled my interest and I told her that I wanted to find one just like hers. She also told me that it's from Ebay and I shouldn't pay more than $10 for it. So I started my mission.  First one came along, and I watched it for a few days and totally forgot to bid on it until the bidding ended and the Cameo was sold for about $13.  I then told myself that spending a little more than $10 was ok, because really, I found Ebay bidding extremely time consuming, and for a few bucks, I couldn't bother. So I decided to set my price limit at $14 and go for it. Soon another one came along and of course it went for $16. I got a bit frustrated, and voiced the frustration to my twitter friends. At the same time, I saw this post by fabulous Jean, wearing her beautiful cameo.  I knew that the post could only mean trouble to me. Many readers expressed interest and asked where she got the cameo from. Sure enough, a few days later, when I tried to bid $16 on a cameo, that baby went for $41.  In the mean time, Jean secretly started a parallel mission to find me a cameo. First, she bought one for me and told me that I could stop bidding on ebay now. The next day she informed me that the lady who was packaging the cameo for shipping dropped it on the tile floor and broke it. Was that freaky or what! "You and the cameo are just not meant to be." She told me. At that point I gave up on looking.  Then I heard from Jean again. "This one is really big." She told me. She took a picture of her wearing it so I could have a sense of the size. (Isn't she the sweetest?) I love it. She called it "big blue" and sent it to me as quickly as she could. I wore it 3 days in a row and was really happy to find out that it goes with EVERYTHING!
My quest to a vintage cameo is officially over, and how could I forget to mention that Annie was obsessively hawking Ebay for a cameo for me the whole time as well. Thank you, Annie! I sure have friends who don't give up easily. :)

Outfit details:
Ann Taylor factory merino wool sweater (xsp)
J.Crew cotton bell skirt in toffee (00) (on sale here)
Gap studded skinny belt
Anthropologie tights
Kenneth Cole pumps
Vintage Peri Cameo


  1. What a lovely story! Yes, Jean is very sweet. I love your vintage cameo. I think the size is perfect for you. I can't believe the price went up to $41.00 on Ebay. I am glad that you didn't have to pay that price. Have a great weekend, Vicky!

  2. Oh Vicky...what a journey you have been thru this cameo!! Lol so sweet of Jean:-)

    Now I can rest my eyes on

  3. Oh glad u got ur cameo! Jean is a sweetheart!! Now I can stop obsessing late at night on eBay for ya:-) LOL

    Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Sooo pretty!!! Wow, I'll say one thing - petites are DETERMINED LOL!! You Annie and Jean are always on the hunt for something and you ALWAYS come out on top :P

  5. Thank you, Sydney! I couldn't believe my eyes either. Have a great weekend to you!

  6. Oh Annie, you have done so much for me, and I don't even know how to thank you. Have a great weekend. Happy shopping.

  7. lol, Elaine. Yes, we are pretty darn determined compared to our size, I have to tell you that!

  8. I have to say that I did so stalking on Ebay as well just to see what kind of cameos are out there ... holy moly lol they are so many! I'm so glad you found the perfect cameo! Looks so great on you. =0> I bet it is really interchangeable, would you be able to wear it as a brooch? Or possibly clip it on a purse. OR on a scarf. That would look amazing.

  9. Thank you for sharing the story. What a journey you went through to finally get your hands on big blue. Well worth the long wait :) You look great, Vicky!

  10. I enjoyed reading this Vicky and am very glad you now have not one, but two : ) Funnily enough, at the client on Friday the receptionist had a large Peri cameo (same size as big blue) pinned onto the lapel of her wool blazer. It looked very nice, so you'll have to try it that way too. I got very excited and asked her if it was Peri and shared that I had a similar one. She looked at me like I was nuts and said, no she did not know what "Peri" was (but I could tell...the cameo design was exactly the same as ours). I stopped short of asking her to turn it around lol.

  11. hi vicky -- your necklace is cute! i love seeing on both you and jean.

    in regards to your question about the coach crossbody, the only thing negative i have to say is that you can't fit too much into it. maybe just a small compact, slim/small wallet and lipgloss and keys. i have a bb and it barely fits into it. you can also double up the straps and make it into a shoulder bag. hope that answers your question. :)

  12. The cameo is very Victorian, I must say. Looking good, Vicky! I like the AT merino sweater and GAP belt pairing as well.

    P.S. gotta love the petite community for all their efforts. <3

  13. I still have no idea what "peri" is lol... feel so uneducated... you guys will have to enlighten me! I just know that it looks great but seems like I'll have to wait for the Jean-inflated pricing to go down before I can get one!



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