Sunday, March 6, 2011

AT factory ruffle shell and AT pumps

Long time no post. Feeling out of touch. So I'm going to make up by doing a long post. This is probably going to be the trend this year. I took an impossible job at work, and things are getting ugly. Don't want to bore you with my problems, let's begin. (I decided to separate my post into 2 parts after all.)

First and foremost, the AT chiffon ruffle shell. When Jean from Extra Petite blogged about it, I jumped on the wagon and ordered 5 different colors in both xxsp and xsp. The orders trickled in last week piece by piece, and finally got 4 colors in both sizes. (still waiting for the deep blues to show up). The shells although very pretty don't fit me perfectly. I'm petite but with wide shoulders. The xsp fit very loose, and the arm holes are too big. However, the material is very elastic, so it hugs ok for the most part. The xxsp should have fit better except they made the shoulder straps narrower. What it meant to me was that it cut in too much and my bra peeked from the arm holes from time to time. The black xxsp seems to fit a little better, but the light colored xxsp ones are terrible in the fitting. So I decided to keep xsp for majority of my purchases.

** I still have a black shell in xsp that is up for grabs. Email me if you are interested. SOLD **

This is how an xsp fits. Darn it, the bra straps show.
 Too wide!!!
 But since the material is cotton/modal, it hugs ok.

This is how an xxsp fits. You can't tell, but both the strap and part of the bra have potential to peek out.

Fits better on the width.
 All in all, this is probably going to be worn with a cardigan or a jacket.

The pumps are one of my favorite recent purchases from Ann Taylor. I love the saddle brown color. Very versatile and great to wear with spring outfits. I had to size down for these pumps to a 5.5. I'm a size 6 in general, and never owned size 5.5 shoes. So this would be first pair of 5.5.

Now stay tuned to my second half of today's post - Chanel.


  1. I agree with your decision. An XSP seems to fit you a bit better. I am sure after washed, it'll fit you perfectly. I was able to stay away from these shells. They're so pretty but I am determined to save up for a big purchase. I am looking forward to your Chanel post.

  2. I love the color of those shoes!......(I saw them on Jean as well, such a great color). The fit of the shells aren't bad but they almost look like they're not cut for petites' if some length was taken out of the top of the strap it might take care of the bra strap exposure and exra material around the chest problems. All in all I really like them and since you will probably be wearing them with jackets or cardigans you're probably good to go just as they are ;)

  3. LOVE the shoes, I like the color a lot. I think the fit of the shells is a little tricky too and I ended up selling three of the ones I got to fellow petites. :( I like the fit of the XSP on you too for some reason thought the XXSP seems to fit better in the torso.

  4. LOVE everything...the outfit- the shoes- everything! And I have everything but the black skirt you are wearing!!!

  5. I can't tell too much difference between the two sizes but I think it was a good call you picked up both of them to compare the fit. My personal preference is the same as you, I don't like things cutting too closely into my shoulders because I hate having to wear a strapless bra. So lazy, I know! I love those pumps on you, they look like they will get lots and lots of use!

  6. I hope you find a Chanel you love, Sydney!

  7. Totally agree with you, Callandra. Exactly my thoughts. I lifted the straps a tad bit and it fit a ton better. I felt that these shells weren't cut right for petites, but none of the other petites seem to have any problems with it.

  8. Really, so it wasn't just me? lol. I decided to keep some because I REALLY like the ruffles and the colors do look gorgeous.

  9. lol, Annie. Our wardrobe are going to look more and more similar, sans the Chanel collections that you have.

  10. I am hopeless in terms of strapless bras. I just don't wear them, therefore I don't have any strapless dresses. lol.



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