Friday, January 21, 2011

Review: J.Crew coats - Lady Day vs. Colletta

I have been "wanting" a white winter coat since the beginning of this season. I don't "need" another coat, but I don't "have" a white one, so I somehow justified getting these two gorgeous coats from J.Crew, both 0P, both in the color sea salt, when J.Crew was running an amazing 40% off sale.  I meant to keep just one, and I was very sure that Lady Day would win and Colletta would go back to the store after seeing this comparison review from Jean... until I put them both on.  Jean did a very comprehensive video review on the double cloth lady day coat in 0P in dark cypress a month ago, so I am not going to repeat here.  However I think you will find these measurements useful:

Here is how they look on me side by side:
 The front buttoned up view: Lady Day - clean cut look, classic, hmm, boring? Colletta - standing collar, shirred waistband, more fun?

The front opened view: Very competitive coats. But I still prefer the Colletta. I love the vertical stripes where the buttons are. Oh, and how I love the tabs at the cuffs!

Back View: Both look a little frumpy. Still, Colletta wins!

The winner is: Colletta!

 The close 2nd place winner is: Lady Day!

Ladies, which one do you like better? I'm going to keep the Colletta. If anyone is interested in the Lady Day coat in sea salt with thinsulate (sz 0P), which is currently sold out on JCrew, please let me know ASAP. Otherwise I will return it to the store next weekend. Gone.

Oh, like the scarves I was wearing? They are by Chan Luu from Ruelala's final sale again. They are both gorgeous in person. Need a personal invitation to Ruelala? Click here.


  1. I like both Jackets and you look great in both but I personally think the Lady Day makes you look taller and more elegant.

  2. I have a size 12 Lady Coat that fits perfect. Based on this review I purchased the Colletta in the same size. Unfortunately, the Colletta is much much bigger.

  3. Love the longer one, but you can't go wrong with either. They both look great!

  4. I love your choice.... For me too colletta wins. Though I agree with other readers, lady day has sharp clean look & looks smart but I guess colletta is more lady like & the shirred waistband is too cute to ignore.

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