Thursday, November 11, 2010

Plaid flannel shirt and knee high boots

Hi everyone. Just had a very long day. I took a day off to stay at home with my two kids who have no school today. I have invited 5 kids over for a play date. The day was beautiful. They had lots of fun running around outside. Feeling unproductive just being there, I also started my laundry and finished 5 loads by the end of the day. Feels like a head start of the weekend.
I meant to post this outfit last week but was too busy to take pictures, so here it is today. I love love the color of this shirt. And it is so so comfortable. It's casual yet with great style. I like to wear it with my jean leggings, but any skinny jeans would work. I don't know why but this shirt calls for boots to go with it. At least that's just how I feel, so there it is, with boots.
I bought this shirt from Abercrombie, in size XL. This shirt is on clearance now in store and online. In store price is $9.99 and online it's $14.93.

Outfit details:
Flannel Shirt: Abercrombie (kids) (sz XL) (buy it here)
Jeggings: Loft (last season) (This season's jeggings don't fit me well.)
boots: Jessica Simpson (sz 6)
snake necklace: Swarovski


  1. Wish I had your boot collection! Trying so hard just to find one pair to wear this fall/winter! And speaking of which, I really need to do laundry too haha

  2. both the shirt and boots look great on you! perfect weekend outfit, too.
    plaid flannel shirts remind me too much of college, but everyone's wearing them again and looking pretty good...may have to re-consider!
    have a great weekend

  3. sounds like you had quite a nice day off! perfect outfit for a day off. and i love your knee-high boots!!



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