Thursday, February 18, 2016

Sale Alert: (rare) Classic Burberry Coats 25% off - Ends Today

I have never seen this kind of sale before on Burberry Coats and Trenches before.  So I have to post it very quickly so that you don't miss it. If you are looking for a classic Burberry but are lamenting about the fact it's never on sale, here it is. And it ends today. So hurry.  Use code TREAT.  I have tried adding this Daylesmoore Wool Blend Coat and Burberry London Sandringham Short Trench in the shopping cart and the code was honored on both items. This is a rare sale - I have never seen the Sandringham on sale before. It is a very slim fit version of their classic style. You need to size up. I'm between 0-2 in Burberry coats, and for this style, I take a 2 for a very slim fit.

Daylesmoore Wool Blend Coat (size 2 popped up this morning) in Camel.  This is a classic camel coat that I recently bought from Sak's when they were running a promotion. I love it's length - not too long to overwhelm short frames, and the color is beautiful.  The sleeves are a tiny bit too long on me, but I can get by without alterations.  See it on Jean in many posts.  She had her sleeves shortened and belt loops moved up. 
Burberry London Coat - Sandringham Short Trench in Honey
Sandringham mid-length trench in honey
I found myself reaching for this Reymoore Trench more often than any. The reason is for its versatility.  It has a removable hood which I think is so useful in cold and rainy days.  It also has a removable liner which adds warmth to the otherwise think layer of cotton. This feature extends this coat's season by quite a bit.  I took a size 2 on this coat.
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