Saturday, August 22, 2015

Soufeel Charm Bracelet Review

The concept of charm bracelets has been around for a long time. The reason why it's been so popular is that you can create your own personal bracelet that tells a story about yourself. My mother-in-law has started collecting Pandora charms since last year.  She likes traveling, so with each country she travels to, she gets a charm to remember.  I thought it was quite a unique way to preserve memory. Pandora charms are in general quite pricey and seldom go on sale. It may well be out of the price range of a lot of people.  Soufeel provides the same quality charms at a much more affordable price range. 
When I opened the package that these charms and bracelet came in, my eyes were immediately drawn to the 3 sturdy boxes with cute light blue bows. The package also came with 3 nicely made gift bags in case you intend to give them as gifts. In fact, I think these charms are perfect gifts for any occasions.  
Soufeel charms are made from 925 sterling silver, 14K gold, rose gold, or Swarovski crystals.  They can fit pandora bracelets so if you already have a pandora bracelet, adding charms becomes easier with these Soufeel charms at a more reasonable price. 

For review, I picked out the 14K Gold Clover Charm, 14K Gold & Sterling Silver Primrose Pendant (used as charm) and August Birthstone Swarovski Crystal Charm.  I have to say that I'm absolutely amazed by the look and the quality of these charms. They look simply stunning and have similar quality if not better than the pandora counterpart. I highly recommend this company and suggest that you give them a try.
Soufeel offers free shipping worldwide with orders over $50 and 365 day return and exchange guarantee. Now that's confidence behind their product.  They are launching lots of summer new arrivals on the website and for vickysdailyfashion readers, they are offering 5% off code Blog5 for any order.

Happy shopping!


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