Tuesday, July 28, 2015

What's in My Mind - Europe Travel links, $99 flight to Paris

Burberry Brit Dalesbury Quilted Down Jacket 50% off in Bright Military Red.
Burberry Brit Cornsdale Channel Quilt Qown Jacket with Hood in black. $596.25

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Hello my lovely readers! I decided to do an experimental random thoughts update post to talk about ... stuff.  Not just fashion, clothes, sales, but things that I have experienced in my life, things that have helped me in any way, things that I care about, things that I learned, etc.  The reason I was contemplating this was because when I learned something cool I always thought, wow, wish I knew this earlier. So I thought, why not share it on the blog so others can benefit too.  So here we go, in no particular order.

1. This video cracked me up! How to be instagram famous.  I stumbled across it earlier today.  How many of you can relate? :)

2. Due to the low euro this year, lots of people from the US decided to take vacations to Europe. I have since read so many blog posts that are just phenomenal.  Dogeared here for reference. 
-- EuroTrip: London, Paris, Venice, Rome.  Great coverage of her impression of the 4 cities by my friend Cee.  Very clever and useful overview.
-- Packing for an European Spring Vacation. Again by Cee. I'll sure be referencing it when I need to pack for my Paris trip in October. Well, probably quite different weather wise,
-- European VAT refund + US Customs - great capture of the experience. I felt had lived through it. Thanks, Cee. Global BlueVAT refund calculator.
-- Another set of packing posts by Sydney: part I, Part II, Part III. Her shopping and VAT refund experience in Paris/Rome.
-- When In Paris and When In Rome - travel posts by Sydney.  Beautiful pictures!
-- I love this article about Parisians and sneakers and this post that gives you a seasonal run down for Paris. Other countries are linked too.

3. Recently I have been addicted to a new blog I found that posts ways to save money on travel. I have this post to thank for for booking an unreal priced trip to Paris in October. ~$350 per person for round trip fare from Boston to Paris via Iceland. Bryan and I decided to treat ourselves an anniversary gift - 17 years.

4. Japanese coffee house chain Ogawa opened its first international store in Boston. I've heard so many good things about it. Next time I'm in town, I will sure give it a try. Just look at the latte art ... 

5. I am done with my Nordstrom Anniversary shopping. Here's a list of items I purchased and kept. Some items are already sold out, but I'm linking in case it pops back up again. Prices go back up Monday, August 3. 
-- Tory Burch 54mm Polarized Cat Eye Sunglasses. Got both black and spotty tortoise, and keeping the black. Even though they are the same style, the black and the tortoise fit differently. For me, the black is a clear winner for both look and fit.
-- Onyx Half d'Orsay Pointy Toe Pump in Leopard.  I sized down half a size for this one. on me here.
-- Onyx Half d'Orsay Pointy Toe Pump in Moss green Suede. I took my usual size (size 6). Need heel grip. 
-- Olson Pointy Toe Studded T-Strap Flat in pale pink leather. I got a size 5.5 (sized down half size) and decided to wait for the waitlisted size 6 to come before deciding which size to keep.


  1. Hi Vicky! Thanks for mentioning my posts and sharing your experiences. What an incredible deal you got! Wish I paid $99 each way to Paris earlier this year :) You and Brian will have a great time. Happy early anniversary.

    1. Thank you so much, Sydney! I am so excited already. Did you end up learning some French words before you go?
      BTW, I'll be in Cleveland next week to visit family. Will you be around? I'll fly in on Tuesday and fly out Saturday.

    2. I don't know a single word of French =) I did however download a translator app on my phone though. Cleveland is about 2.5 hours drive from where I live so more than likely, we won't be able to see each other. Enjoy your visit!

  2. Hi Vicky! I have the Halogen Olson flats in 6 in the pale pink. I have been trying to get the 5.5 but everytime they pop back in my size, they sell out before I can get them. I just ordered the 5s since the 6 is very roomy and was about to return the 6. Do you want them? If you prefer the 6 maybe we could trade?

    1. Hi Jennifer! Is the 6 big on you? are you sure 5.5 would work for you? Since I'm not sure how I would feel about size 6, I think swapping might be risky. I'm going to wait for my 6 to come - they said next week - then decide. If I decide to keep the 6, I'll let you know, so you can have my 5.5. How's that?

  3. Hi Vicky. Sounds good. I thought you were waiting for a 6 to pop back in stock. Since I was returning them anyway, I thought you might want them. I am usually a 5.5-6 and the 6 is huge on me so I am hoping that the 5 will be the right fit. Please keep me posted about the 5.5 in the meantime. Thanks!

    1. Hey Vicky, I managed to find a 5.5 at the Anniversary sale price. Fits perfectly! Which size did you keep?

    2. I ended keeping the 6. Size 5.5 was too narrow for me even though the length fit better. I put a whole foot pad underneath and it's perfect. I like that it's also more cushioned now. Happy that you found your perfect size too. :)



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