Saturday, September 13, 2014

Silk Chartreuse and Blue Tweed

Happy Saturday everyone! Long time no see! Going to my last post, I just realized that I have left my blog unattended for almost 2 months. Time to pick it up again. I have been busy in the last two months, both for work and for home. What did I do? 
  • I took the family on an Alaskan cruise on board Radiance of the Sea by Royal Caribbean. It was a 70 year birthday gift to my mother-in-law from her 3 children. We all had a lot of fun. Kids got to spend a lot of time with their cousins who they don't get to see very often.
  • My sister and her younger son came and visit us in August. We spent a week together doing some local activities. I visited the USS Constitution in Boston for the first time thanks to her. I enjoyed the museum a lot and would recommend it to anyone visiting Boston.  There are a lot of hands on activities in the museum so that kids don't get bored.
  • I had a breakthrough on my sun allergy problem. 11 years ago I moved from the sunny California to Massachusetts.  About 3 years after I moved here, I developed a weird symptom. I breakout in the early spring, April time frame, and the rashes on my torsos are extremely itchy and hideous. I went to see allergy doctors and dermatologists and the diagnosis was that I was allergic to the Sun. Is there a cure? No. The prescription is to put sunblock on where ever I go and stay away from the sun as much as I do. Even with sunscreen on, I still break out, so I decided to stay indoor as much as I could. I even wore long sleeves driving to and from work because the sun that comes into the car windows would cause a breakout. Imagine not being able to get out in the sun! It wasn't easy, but I dealt with it. Two months ago I went to get a regular check up. My regular doctor was busy so I met with a very young nurse practitioner who just graduated a couple of years ago. She took the time to talk to me about every aspect of my life. After she learned about my sun allergy, she ordered a blood test on my Vitamin D level. I got a report back a couple days later telling me that my Vitamin D level is low (no surprise, since I couldn't get any sun) and I should take high dosage of prescription VD. Just for reference, Sufficiency is 30-100ng/mL, Insufficiency is 10-29 ng/mL, Deficiency is <10ng/mL. Mine was 6 ng/mL. I didn't take it lightly and started the high dose Vitamin D treatment immediately. I have noticed just a couple of weeks later that my sun allergy got significantly less severe. I was hopeful. Two months later, today, I finally got to a point where I could drive without covering my arms. I even went for a run in the sun with tees and shorts with my daughter yesterday with no severe consequences. You can imagine how happy I am! Another good "side effect" of taking Vitamin D was that my nails don't break any more. My overall health condition seems to be better. Lack of VD prevents calcium absorption and that is no wonder I had knee problems and nail issues. Come to think of the whole thing, the vicious cycle started 11 years ago when I moved from a sunny state to a very cold state. Winter here is long and we cover ourselves with thick layers majority of the months. The change triggered the first onset of lack of Vitamin D after 3 years of this lifestyle - Sun allergy. Because of the allergy, I covered myself even more, now in the summer as well. That action caused even more severe deficiency of Vitamin D, therefore more severe allergy. I am glad I'm on my way to a positive cycle now, hoping to get back to normal in a few more months.
  • My old mini-van (a Honda Odyssey) served us 13 years and started to have all sorts of problems. So we got a new car. This time a fully loaded Infiniti QX60. From starting our car search to taking one home took us only 3 weeks. I've been pretty happy about my new car, but it seems to give my parents motion sickness every time they were in there. I blame it on the "new car smell" which eventually will go away.
  • Jasmine is a freshman in high school now, and I'm still trying to get used to it. Where did my baby girl go?  She is as sweet as ever though, and I hope she keeps it up.
  • On work side, there has been a lot of good news on the product I worked on for 3 years. Finally the endless working nights and weekends paid off.  Grantley EP platform launched. Here's a good article describing what it is.  Longer webcast version here. (Meet Diane Bryant, Intel's Senior Vice President and General Manager of Data Center Group wearing the latest trend - a strategically placed colorblocking dress that makes you look 10 pounds less. Husband's comment: She looks like she has a Star Trek uniform on. Haha.)  The High End Desktop (HEDT) version (Haswell-E) of our design broke world record on benchmarks. Can't say I don't feel proud. 
So much for babbling about myself. Time for the outfit post today.  I put this outfit together with "fall" in my mind. :) 
All pieces are old except that I got the Rebecca Minkoff Quilted love crossbody bag in petrol recently. The bag comes in various different colors.  Bloomies has more colors here and also in black hardware too.

Outfit Details
Chartreuse silk blouse (Ann Taylor, old, similar here 40% off)
blue tweed skirt (Ann Taylor, old, similar burgundy one 40% off here)
J.Crew schoolboy blazer (old, navy on sale here)
Ann Taylor perfect pumps (old)
Rebecca Minkoff Quilted Love Crossbody (here, here, and here)
Pearl necklace from BJ's set here (got it a year ago, still love it!)
Chanel Sunnies (BBOS, invite here)


  1. That crossbody bag reminds me of the Chanel Boy Bag - very chic!

    1. Yep, poor girl's version of the Boy Bag. :) Very well made too. I love it.



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