Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sale Alert: Hunter Fleece Welly Socks 30% Off

I don't see Hunter Welly Fleece sock on sale very often and $30 price tag for a pair of fleece socks seem to be a bit on the high side. So up to now I have been wearing my hunter boots without any lining. Even though the boots served as water resistant barrier, it wasn't very cold weather friendly.  My feet got cold after a few hours outside. So when I saw these socks on sale last week, I didn't hesitate and ordered a pair. My only hesitation was the color. There are six color options and I was debating between the charcoal and violet for a while before I settled with a boring but more versatile color - Charcoal.  I have to say that the socks made the boots very fitted.  I can even appreciate the warmth it will bring in the fall and winter months, even though the temperature outside now is unpleasantly warm. 
If you own hunter boots and are in need of the liner socks, this is a good opportunity to order a pair ... or two. I ordered the standard sized ones in size medium. It fits the original tall boots and these wedges very well. The short fleece socks are also on sale for 30% off.  There are also leopard cuff ones and stripe cuffed knit ones also on sale.



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  2. I have those wedge hunters too. I was worried abt them being too snug, will definitely give the socks a try so i can wear them in the winter.



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