Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Red, Yellow, Blue and White

I want to mention a few things before the main post. 
- I ordered these Sam Edelman Ollie pumps and they came today. I ordered both colors to see if I have a preference on the color. I planned to keep one pair only when I ordered, but I don't think I am able to return either pair now. I'm in love. The shoes are so comfortable that I feel that I'm not wearing any heels. The straps are soft and don't cut into my feet. The Ollie pumps come in sizes starting from 4, so you should definitely give them a try if you like the Valentino Rockstud style but don't own them due to the price tag. This pair is much more affordable and quality is great. See it on me here.
- Reader Charlene, if you see this post please let me know. I got your question from Kontactr, but when I replied to answer your question, the email was bounced. Please make sure your email address was correct when you enter it in Kontactr.
-  A friend of mine sent me an article about a 3 year old girl designing and making her own costumes with paper. I dug out the blog, and was hooked. I also follow her on Instagram too just so that I don't miss on any updates.

It finally got to the 70s in the weekend and felt like spring for a few days. Today it was windy and rainy and we are expecting freezing temperature again tomorrow. All our daffodils bloomed right after I took these pictures on Sunday. Makes me worry that come tomorrow, all the flowers will die. 

The white bag proved itself to be very versatile and no matter what I wear, I seem to be able to carry it as if I planned it all. :)
Jason Wu for Target Top (old)
Loft chambray pencil skirt (old)
Ann Taylor belt (old)
Ann Taylor cardigan
Kate Spade Cedar Street Maise (cream, 7 pretty colors here, or here)
Chanel Sunnies (BBOS, invite here)
Talbots sandals (old)


  1. Wow, I can't believe that little girl is 3, amazing!
    Lovely outfit, I especially adore the top.

  2. Such a cute and classic color combo, love it on you!



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