Saturday, August 3, 2013

Guest Post: Sperry Top-Sider

Hello everyone! I just came back from a business trip and now planning a family road trip to Acadia National Park.  Busy, busy! Today's post was written by my husband who was so happy with his latest new shoes that he's agreed to write about it. Let's hear what he has to say.
The first time I tried Scotch I spit it out. I hated it.  The Scotch was about the cheapest possible. I wasn’t rich but I aspired to be someday (still do), and I figured there had to be something to it that makes it the highbrow whisky.  After that experience I didn’t bother with Scotch for a long time until I received a bottle as a gift. The second time was a top shelf brand and that made all the difference, smooth yet complex—it was delicious.
I had a similar experience with boat shoes (I’m a slow learner sometimes).  I bought some knock off at Costco because I married Vicky and had to take my shoes off in the house now.  (Vicky's note: He said it was easier to get shoes on and off with boat shoes.) I figured, what’s there to boat shoes? Yes brand-less shoes were unstylish with fake leather uppers and yucky tassels, but I soon discovered that they were really uncomfortable to boot.  They stayed around for a while - thrown  into a forgotten corner of the closet, receding deeper into the darkness as new shoes, cleaning items, and random knick-knacks were stacked on top. Finally a spring cleaning uncovered the shoes just long enough to be donated to a shelter for no longer loved apparel.
And so past many a year without the deck shoe in my sartorial repertoire.  Chance would have it that Vicky was invited to a store opening for Sperry at the nearby Natick mall, and I accompanied as the dutiful husband. I had to admit the topsiders had a classic feel to them, at least once I got past the newer glitzy versions for the young and feminine. My eyes were drawn to a handsome blue pair, but what really set it apart was the feel. Not just leather on the outside, they were separately lined with deer skin like classic moccasins.  Even better, the bottom has memory foam, so it will conform to your feet over time. As I was eyeing the navy shoes, Vicky came over to inform me that along with the invitation came a free pair of shoes – yea! The one thing that could make these topsiders better was a 100% discount.  Needless to say, I now owned my first Sperry’s.
Tasting a good Scotch didn’t make me an exclusive, or even primarily a Scotch drinker.  Nor I’m will these Sperry’s suddenly transform me to complete deck shoe aficionado, but the topsiders are not relegated to the darkness. They now sit where I can quickly grab them, and I have grabbed them for evening walks or business casual look for work, and I continue to find them comfortable and attractive. Perhaps I may be a true topsider convert after all.

Thank you, Bryan. That was a very interesting take on boat shoes. Before I move on with some pictures of the shoes he got, I'd like to give a shout out to Cee who introduced me to Sperry shoes with this post, and then this post and more. Over the year, the look of the shoes grew on me and I started to love it.  Now I'm a happy owner of a classic Sperry as well thanks to the Sperry topsider Store at Natick.  

Before a nice evening walk, he chowed down a piece of cake that Jasmine made from scratch.

His and hers Sperry Top-siders
Non-marking, non-slip bottom. These bottoms are from the same shoes. On the left the bottom was bent exposing the ridges.
Bryan at the Sperry Top-sider store opening party. I have to give him credit on the matching pocket squares.
Anchor macaroon and a yummy yogurt-like dessert I cannot name
 Tiny ones that are just downright adorable
 I was naturally drawn to these anchor scarves.
 More shoes
Hope you all enjoy this post and have a great weekend. Do tell your stories about Sperry in your life.

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