Sunday, June 16, 2013

Orange and Polka Dot Weekend

After a week of extreme high heat followed by some winter like rainy days, I'm so ready for a week of perfect spring temperature - a cozy 78 degree.  I use every moment of my free time to do brisk walk around my neighborhood. trying to lose the last couple of pounds I picked up after the fun filled February cruise to the Bahamas. I am not a believer in extreme workout sessions as you can tell from my blog that I don't work out at all.  That's why I don't need to spend a penny on workout clothes. haha. I do walk a lot, besides shopping of course, so when the weather gets warmer, I become a lot more active.

A bright orange color can pick up a bad mood, so I do wear this color a lot, especially in the summer.  I just make sure that I use neutral colors (navy, black, white, or beige) to tone it down. 
Outfit Details
Loft outlet shell (old)
J.Crew girls' polka dot shorts
Talbots open toe wedges (last season)
Poenza Schouler PS1 Pouch (buy here)
Coach button stud anchor earrings (buy here)

The polka dot shorts were a Crewcut find last month. The material has some stretch to it, so it's super comfy. I tried to get a pair for my daughter afterwards but they have since sold out all the sizes.
The open toe wedges are the same color but I don't know why they show up as if one is more red than the other. Can't complain since my little photographer was so patient. :) 
I love love love these Coach button earrings. Extremely well made and the anchor motif adds just the right amount of summer fling.
This is the true color of the wedges. Bright reddish orange. Soft suede, super comfortable. These were a steal from Talbot's last summer clearance.

Don't forget Salvatore Ferragamo Sale is still going on in store and online.  All sale leather goods and shoes are 35% off. I already received the ballet pumps in beige yesterday and loving them!


  1. Love the orange on you and the polka dot shorts are so cute!

  2. ahh, you got a pair! oh, i'm jealous! what width did you take for those? and lol about the not working out and saving on workout clothes!

    1. I took a medium. There was no other widths offered. I could use a wide I think. :(



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