Sunday, May 5, 2013

Navy, Green, and Camel

Recently I have been drawn to the color navy more than ever. It's as classy as black, but less serious.  It's easy to pair with other colors. It's pleasing to the eyes. I wore this outfit last week to work but didn't get a chance to post till now. The wool mini is a J.Crew classic and I scored it brand new from ebay for only $20.50.  I am not an avid ebayer in general.  I find the experience mostly a timer sucker.  However an occasional score like this is very rewarding.
Outfit Details
J.Crew factory silk blouse
J.Crew mini (size 00, size 00,  limited sizes still available online here)
J.crew Edie purse (various colors here)
Theory Kanya L Rowdy leather jacket
Ann Taylor pumps (in blue and pink here)

Thank you for stopping by, and have a great weekend!


  1. What a great eBay score! The J.crew items I've ever tried finding on eBay are still too pricey. I love your whole outfit, especially the green pumps!

    1. Thank you, Olyvia. Ebay is a hit or miss. It's all luck. :)

  2. I love eBay, but have to agree with you that it is quite time consuming! I have to set alarms on my phone to prevent myself from missing out on items, and even then, sometimes I don't get to it in time. I love the Green Edie on you! The color is so vibrant, and perfect for the warmer weather. I actually have been eyeing that one and the navy one, but didn't think I needed another one just yet. I hope you enjoy the Edie as much as I do!

    - Christine

    1. Yes, I do! Now I'm obsessed with the minty one. :)

  3. nice find! ebay is a time sucker for sure. but, on a more positive note, if it takes forever to find something good, you spend less, right? or just give up any buy retail, ha



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