Saturday, February 2, 2013

Blush, Wine, and Brown

Happy Saturday! The wind last week was something wasn't it? It woke us all up at about 5 am and no one slept after that. The howling was something that I never experienced before. One of our window screen fell off and we missed a few pieces of shingles. Then there was this 60 degree weather for a day. Crazy!  I went to the mall today with Jasmine and mother-in-law to do some returns and MIL wanted to get something for her grand daughter for her birthday. Abercrombie Kids was having a redline sale of extra 70% off. We came out with a big bag of clothes for Jasmine and Tristan.  Most of the pieces were under $10. This cute leigh blazer is only $25 in store. Compare to the A&F version for $300.  Too bad the size M is a bit too tight on Jasmine and they didn't have size L in store. Their customer service is not the best - no store locating service or holding or shipping. Come on. We did find a very cute polka dot legging jeans for her for only $6. Hope you all are enjoying your weekend. See you soon!
Banana Republic factory ivory shirt (real deal here)
Forever 21 blush blazer (similar here)
Gap skinny cord (similar here)
Talbots nude pumps (similar here)
Ann Taylor haircalf skinny belt (grey version here)
Chanel Sunnies
BJ's pearls 
Longchamp Le Pliage Medium tote in brown (10 colors here, camel here)


  1. Hi Vicky! I love this color combo on you. I'm usually not a fan of pink, but this works really well! Looks very classy and feminine...
    Hope you're enjoying the weekend too. :)

  2. i really like the combination of colours here - and those are awesome prices!!

    hope you are having a great weekend.

  3. Hooray for Sales.
    Vicky what a great color combination! The blush and wine looks so pretty on you! Hope you have a lovely weekend!
    xoxo, Phoebe

  4. You look great Vicky! Ping said what I was thinking...classy! And your hair is getting so long!

    Bummer about the lack of customer service options, but not too unbelievable. I have some embarrassing memories of going into Abercrombie and Fitch as a teen with my mom...she would get so frustrated with the kids working there. When she wanted to do a return they usually did not know what they were doing, so they would have to call a manager for help. Meanwhile my mom was trying to tell them directions like she worked there. Lol!

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    1. I know. That's the problem with them. The kids behind the counter are very inexperienced and SLOW.
      Yes, I need a haircut. I said it two months ago. Still on my todo list. :)

  5. REALLY love this combination Vicky, you look amazing!



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