Saturday, January 19, 2013

HOW TO: Get Rid of White Patches on Hunter Boots

Hi everyone. Today I want to share some tips on how I cleaned the white patches off of my Hunter rain boots.  I am by no means an expert, since I just acquired my first pair of Hunter a week ago. I stopped by my local Nordstrom Rack last weekend and found a pair of Hunter Crest Wedge Rain Boots in my size for only $49.97.  These boots are still full price at Nemain Marcus for $175.  I saw Jean's post over a month ago about these boots, but didn't get a chance to go until last week. I didn't think I'd need a pair of rain boots, since I don't commute.  When I saw these boots and tried them on, I changed my mind. The wedge was very comfortable and the idea of being able to walk in the snow and rain without having to worry about my shoes convinced me to take them home to think about.  One other thing I noticed was that the boots were "dirty". There was a layer of white patches all over the boots, almost looking like the boots have been to a construction site - but the "dust" doesn't wipe off.  I picked up the phone and consulted Jean. She assured me that this was natural and all Hunter boots do that. There are ways to get them off.  I figured since they were not final sale, I could take them home and try to clean them. If they don't clean I have a choice to return.
Original state of the boot in the store
Some of you who follow me on Instagram or Twitter might remember my adventure last weekend to try to get these boots to a better state.  The left foot has already been cleaned by soapy water the night before, but still has patches only not so noticeable.  The right foot is in its original state.
I simply got a soft cloth (something that you don't mind throwing out after use), dab some olive oil with it and rub the boots in a circular motion. I used olive oil liberally, and the white patches disappeared like magic. The whole process took less than 10 minutes.  Here's what it looked like afterwards. I wiped the excess olive oil off with a dry cloth.

After it was completely dry, I found the boot that I cleaned with soapy water the night before looked better than the one that was only rubbed with olive oil. So the lesson is - first clean it with warm water (add soap if desired), then rub with olive oil.  And guess what? The steps are well documented here.  Wish I found the website sooner.  Another thing I found was this note on Neiman's website under Hunter boots -

Please note: Every Hunter rubber wellington boot is made from 100% natural ingredients and small amounts of wax are included in the rubber compound during the process that is used to make each pair. When exposed to certain environmental factors, this wax can "bloom" to the surface and appear as a white powdery finish.

This is not a defect with the boots, and is completely natural. If this does happen, you can wipe this "blooming" clean with a warm, damp cloth. We recommend Hunter Boot Buffer spray which restores the finish to your Hunter Boots.

About Hunter Boot:
Hunter Boot traces its heritage back to 1856, when it introduced hardy Wellingtons for walking in Scotland's rugged, and often rainy, outdoors. Today, Hunter Boot offers a complete line of boots, clogs, and Welly socks that are ready for the modern jungle as well as the moors. The collection includes a wide range of styles for men, women, and children, and today the venerable firm even has a line of attractive (and durable) handbags and totes.

Interesting read, right?

Well, I know you are all dying to see the boots on ME! So here they are.

I was just so ecstatic to be able to stomp on wet snow and soggy grass without a care!  Now I know what I missed. :)
Outfit Details
J.Crew factory polka dot popover (buy here)
J.Crew schoolboy blazer in velvet (buy here)
Gap legging jeans (this year's version here)
J.Crew Edie purse (buy here)
pearl bracelet (from this set)
Hunter Crest Wedge Rain boot (buy here, similar here)

Have a great weekend!


  1. OOOOO so jealous. They don't have hunters at my nordstrom rack

  2. I can only hope I can find such a good deal at my Nordstrom Rack. Thanks for sharing cleaning tips! I'm surprised it wasn't just dust.

  3. New reader here! I saw these at my NR a month or two back and skipped out on you're making me second guess since they look so great on you!

  4. These Hunter boots with the wedge heel look great on you! I wish I saw your post before I purchased the boot spray (or did more research online) but I'll keep this tip in mind for next time so thanks! :)

  5. Such a classy outfit! To think it's styled around a pair of rubber boots! New reader who loves, loves, LOVES your outfits and that you seem closer to my age than most other fashion bloggers.

  6. Oooo great post! I was worried about cleaning my Hunters and tried to buy the spray on Nordstrom but they were sold out. This is a great alternative!

    xo - Sheila

  7. Thank you soo much for the information, my boots are coated in mud at the moment.,. so its bath time for my boots and olive oil as a spa treatment!! Thanks again

  8. NEVER EVER USE OILS ON RUBBER BOOTS OR CLOTHING! The rubber will eventually degrade and the life of the item shortened considerably!
    (see this for more details: ).
    Instead, clean with warm water and a little washing-up liquid (avoid the 'skin care' types because they also contain oil. Dry with a towel/lint free cloth and then apply silicone oil. There are other ways of cleaning rubber garments but this is probably the easiest. Hope this helps and sorry about the 'shouting', but with your wellies being as expensive as they are... ;-)



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