Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

This is a belated Merry Christmas, and a very happy New Year to your family from mine!

This year we stayed at home. Not having to travel during the holidays is in itself a present. I feel very relaxed and enjoying my stress-free vacation. Kids were not short of presents from their parents, aunts and uncles, grandmas and grandpa, and friends. They are enjoying all the love without them being physically here.  They are also enjoying playing with David - a neighbor's boy Tristan's age who is currently living with his parents most of the time in Beijing and occasionally come here to visit.  We had our Christmas brunch at Boston Harbor Hotel - what a treat, and Chinese style dinner at their home - another big feast. Now I can fit into J.Crew's No. 2 pencil skirt without any waist gap.

Jasmine and Tristan finally got their first pets - two guinea pigs - Sheepster (right) and Meepster (left). They are beside themselves when they saw the little ones. (We kept it a very tight secret until the very last minute.)
Jasmine made us a bunny family from playdoh.
I gave Jasmine a mani inspired by my favorite beauty blogger Jen, using some nail colors from Santa :).
And finally, my Christmas presents from Bryan - double strand pearl necklace (8.5-9.5 mm) and bracelet set (bracelet not shown) and a Balenciaga City in Cumin. (If you are looking for a double strand pearl necklace, I highly recommend this one from BJ's. The price is right - originally only $129.99, and now at $40 discount through end of December, the set is only $89.99. These pearls are cultured freshwater pearls, and the shapes are pretty consistent.  Great length 17"-18" too. The bracelet is big for my wrist (7.5"), but I think you can consider it a bonus and it works great as a gift itself.
And you all should know how much I adore this bag! :) 
 Banana Republic factory shirt (old)
Banana Republic Factory merino wool sweater (current, in store now, $25.5, love the mustard color)
Loft Julie Ankle Pants in Tile Print Doubleweave Cotton (I love the fit of these pants, hope they stay this way after wash, in store purchase $25)
Michael Kors watch


  1. What a cute family photo. : ) Happy holidays to you and your family, Vicky!

    1. Thank you so much, Jessy! I hope you enjoy your holidays too!

  2. So nice to discover another fellow engineer with an interest in fashion as well. Your description of post-silicon checkout sounds familiar, i used to do asic design ages ago. You have a lovely family! And i love that Bal city. Happy holidays!

    1. Welcome, welcome to my blog! So excited to see a fellow engineer here! Coming to check you out now.

      Happy Holidays!

    2. Oops, your profile is not public, so I can't find your blog. If you come back here again, please leave your blog address, so I can say hello.

  3. Beautiful family.. your children are gorgeous! So does that City ;D

    Kisses and hugs from :

  4. oh my goodness, its going to take me a while to get over my shock of how stunning that bal is!! amaaaaazing pick. and such cute little piggies! we had two when i was young, too. they're so cute (love the little noises they make, and how funny their feet feel!)

    1. lol, thanks, Amber! That's kind of my reaction when I received it in the mail. I was like thinking to myself - wow, that's one gorgeous bag, and no wonder people are going crazy about it. :)

      I totally agree with you, the noises are the CUTEST.
      I'm having trouble potty training them. Do you have any suggestions?



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