Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ann Taylor in-store sale items

I stopped by Ann Taylor store yesterday. Even though I didn't score anything myself, I did spot some items on better sale than online prices that might be of interest to you.

Turquoise Cabochon Necklace (Orig. $58, online $39.99, in-store $14.88 final sale)

Ann Taylor necklace

Sunburst Necklace (Orig. $78, online $59.99, in-store $39.99) in all 3 colors
Neon Lights Short Necklace (Orig. $88, online $69.99, in-store $39.99). See it on Tara here, and Annie here.
Cabochon Earrings (Orig. $48, online $29.99, in-store 9.88 final sale)
Cabochon choker necklace (Orig. $98, sold out online, in-store $19.88 final sale) See it on Jean here.

Petite Modern Tweed Jacket (Orig. $188, online $109.99, in-store $59.99)
I like the cropped fit of the jacket. Sleeves are bit long and roomy. This is how 0P fit me. I couldn't find a 00P in store. See how a 00P fit Annie here, and Sydne here.  

This jacket is not on sale, but I just want to share how a 0P looks on me.
Peplum Jacket (regular price: $158)
Have you been shopping the Ann Taylor sale? If you have scored anything good, please share.


  1. I scored another turquoise necklace for $9.88! Yippee!!! I just got the navy peplum yesterday in 00P and it fits decent - not sure if I will keep. Scored another cabochon necklace for a lucky lady!

  2. I haven't even been near an Ann Taylor ever since I ordered some slacks for work in size 0 and they were huge on me. But looks like all the items you mentioned are great. I especially love that Neon Lights necklace! It's still kind of pricey for me considering I'm usually too lazy to adorn myself with jewelry, but I love to have eye candy to drool after!

  3. Thanks for such a great round up of the sale items Vicky! Can I ask which Ann Taylor you went to? I have been trying to find the Cabochon necklace EVERYWHERE and it is out of stock in the DC area. I really would like to have one!

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  5. Vicky, I really should shop at AT more as it looks sooo petite friendly but every time I try I just get extremely frustrated because I think all the little people got there before me (you and Jean... j/k) and I never find anything good. >.< Plus I'm so used to buying BR I feel like I'd have to 'get to know Ann' before I can drop my wallet there. :)

  6. This post really made me want to check out Ann Taylor..I haven't really ever given it much thought, but who knew they had such cute jewelry there?




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