Saturday, June 30, 2012

Zara Sale

I want to do a quick post on some of the Zara items I ordered to give you an idea of how it fits and looks on me.

1.  Guipure Lace Mini Skirt (Zara Woman, size XS, was $69.9, now $49.99)
The Crochet pattern is so pretty, and I would have kept it in a heartbeat if it weren't for the seriously ridiculous big waist. See the next picture. I was holding 3-4 inches of fabric behind my back in the first picture.
The waist meaures 15.5 inches across. Ouch! 

Verdict: Return!

 2. Pencil Skirt with Frill (Zara Woman, size XS, was $79.9, now $59.99)
Nice color, nice fabric. Overall too big and too long for me. And the frill looks ridiculous on me. I now know that peplum is not for everyone. (waist measures 13 inches across).

Verdict: Return

3. Pique navy blazer (Zara basic, size XS, was $79.9, now $59.99) - can't find the link any more. :( Only saw this red one here.
The blazer is tiny!!! I highly recommend petites same size or smaller than me to try this on if you can find it in store. The material is a thick cotton. Machine washable. The arms are too long for me but I'll wear it rolled up anyways so it doesn't bother me that much. Single button closure.

Verdict: Leaning towards keep. What do you think?

4. Printed shirt with Studded Collar (Zara woman, size XS, was $59.9, now $49.99)
See pictures above to see the fit and length. This shirt looks oversized on me, but I love the heavy silk-like material (in reality polyester), and I adore the birdie print. The studded collar adds such a unique touch to the shirt.
Verdict: Leaning towards keep. What do you think?

Now I have also tried on a few regular priced items last week in store and would like to share the pictures with you.

Mint cardigan (XS) like the fit, but don't like the color that much on me.

Cardigan with Crochet detailing (XS) very nice and casual

Printed Sequinned Blazer (XS) - super cool in person
 Mint tweed jacket (XS) sleeves are too long
 Frayed cardigan (xs) Love and purchased.
 Blazer with zips (XS) Fits nice but sleeves too long. Not bad if you want a white jacket with zipper.

Have you bought anything during the Zara sale? Please share.


  1. that navy blazer was a great buy. its wonderful on you. i didn't pick anything up from the sale. i thought about it, but there was nothing that i had to have!

  2. I bought that last jacket in yellow! Can't wait to wear it :D

  3. Love the navy blazer, def a keep!

  4. Thanks for the reviews Vicky! I just bought the white frayed blazer and hope it works out. I really like the navy blazer on you- definitely keep.

  5. I do like the navy blazer on you! It looks like the best thing out of all the pictures.
    I seem to have similar experiences at Zara. I'm always enticed to go in the store, because of the attractive displays and other people always talk about the great things they find in there, but I don't tend to fall in love with much once I get inside.

  6. ooh yes keep the navy blazer and I love that frayed cardigan! That's the one phiphi has right? I went to my local Zara and couldn't find it :(

    I have a feeling peplum wouldn't suit me either - perhaps I should try a few pieces on first.

  7. The frayed cardigan looks lovely on you!! : )

  8. I just discovered your blog and wanted to say that I totally LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Your outfits are so cute and classy! I will definitely be reading a lot more of it now ;D




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