Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Casual - Navy and Stripes

Happy Sunday, everyone! What a gorgeous weekend after a near 100 and humid week. Thank you all for providing such valuable comments on my Crewcut purchase post. I ended up returning the polka dot dress - too child-like, and the anchor mini - boxy and too short, and I'm keeping this $21 heavy knit skirt for weekend wear. I love it.
Outfit Details
Loft sleeveless top in navy (xxsp, very very old)
J.Crew Girls Pep Squad Skirt in Stripe (size 14, buy here, in yellow stripes too)
Target Mossimo wedge (bought in-store for $15. Love the color. Very comfy. Online still full price.)
Amrita Singh Hampton Carnation Ring (buy here)
Amrita Singh West Hampton necklace (buy coral version here)
Zara suede crossbody bag (last Christmas purchase)
Michael Kors watch


  1. This is a great outfit! And it looks so comfortable...

    I finally got the chance to wear that BR white skirt you picked up for me (it's been way too cold for too long!) and I love it! Thanks again!

    1. Yay! I have worn it twice this season already. :) You are very welcome.

  2. Hi Vicky, you look gorgeous. That Zara crossbody looks very luxurious. & congrats on getting inexpensive shoes at a discount!

    Hope you're having a great day!

  3. I love this look on you, Vicky! That skirt doesn't even look like its kid's size!
    The way you paired the navy and the green together is absolutely perfect. So nice for the weekend!

    Have a great week! :)

  4. Super cute outfit, Vicky! I own the same Amrita Singh necklace. I really like this skirt on you. Glad you decided to keep it. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

  5. Vicky,

    I love this outfit. I was going to saw what a cute dress until I read the outfit details.

    Thanks for the follow on Instagram. I've seen you around on the blogosphere, in Jean's meetup pics and finally subscribed. Better late than never. :)



  6. Beautiful color combo of green and blue! I really like your nail Orange adding a bit of kick to your outfit!

  7. Great call - I love that skirt, I was looking at that myself, I think it looks super versatile :)

  8. Cute! Really love your striped skirt!

  9. This is beautiful Vicky! I love that you paired the navy with green accessories!

  10. Super cute skirt Vicky- love stripes!

  11. You look awesome in this stylish outfit. Really I just can't take my eyes off from this outfit. I love both the skirt and top very much as navy is my favorite color. Your sandal is also very attractive.



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