Thursday, June 14, 2012

Almost End of Week Pick-me-up Post and Video

My work is sucking the juice out of me.  What keeps me smiling still this week?

Inspirational post like this one: My Wardrobe Essentials (by Cee from To Brighten My Day)

Hilarious video like this one: O Fortuna Misheard Lyrics (Animated)

Splurges on cool Pour la Victoire sandals like these: (Since I love both colors and couldn't decide which one to order, I ordered both)

What keeps you going when life is tough?


  1. Those sandals are so beautiful! I understand you cannot pick the color. Both so gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing you in them!

  2. I pour out myself in an online journal. :) Hope you´ll have a great weekend.

  3. When life gets me done, I shop online, too, of course, lol.
    Or I whine endlessly to no one in particular. Doesn't matter if anyone is listening, as long as I get it off my chest.
    But when my coveted purchase arrives in the mail, that's the best part.

    Enjoy your new sandals! Hope your days brighten up!

  4. I go shopping, whether window shopping, or with real damage. :) Hope that your weekend has been good!



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