Sunday, April 8, 2012

20% off Chanel at BBOS Private Sale

After learning about the current Chanel classic flap prices recently - $4400 for medium (m/l) and $4900 for jumbo, a lot of people were shocked and talked about getting pre-owned (pre-loved, vintage, whatever you want to call it) Chanel purses.  I think it is definitely the best way to own something classic and timeless with a bit of a discount (not much, but I'll take anything.) I posted about my crazy black caviar purchase on BBOS Private Sale purchase for just over $2000 last November and triggered a lot of interests. A lot of people thought it was impossible to find classic style Chanel from BBOS Private Sale, but in fact they do get classic bags occasionally and price them at a fairly reasonable price. Now when they run a percentage off sale is when I pay a lot of attention. The bag being so expensive makes 20% a very large amount of money saved.

Today is one of those days that you can potentially get a Chanel for decent enough of a price. Here is the deal - Take an extra 20% off with Promo Code BUNNY20. (This deal is not public yet, but I imagine it will soon.) The deal ends April 10th.  Here are some of them worth mentioning.

This bag retails $4900 (same as classic jumbo), BBOS price is $4655. With 20% off, the bag comes to $3724. Still very high but if you are looking for a reissue, this is the one to get. The bag is in excellent condition. From the code it looks like a fairly recent bag.

This one is in "Gently Loved" condition, making the price more attractive - same retail price as the black on but priced at $3895, so after discount it's $3116. If I were to make a choice between this one and the black one, I'd pay the extra $600 for a black one in a much better condition. 

Same price as the silver one, if you prefer the CC lock. 

4. There are also some Petite Shopping Totes for sale for $1895 ($1516 after discount)
I want to get this post out before it's too late, for all the Chanel selections including bags and jewelry, click here.  If you are not a BBOS member yet, you can click on this invite to join. 

Enjoy. :)


  1. Thank you for sharing! I bought a Mulberry from before. Knowing that you shop from that website too makes me feel more secure about my decision, lol.
    Have you ever bought anything from I find that website kind of messy and unorganized, but every now and then they have Chanel 2.55s for around $2500. Knowing how much they go for, I feel like that's too good to be true and made me wary about making any kind of purchase.

    1. Hi Joy. That's quite a compliment from you. Thank you. I have never bought anything from Beyond the Rack and my opinion to this site is the same as yours. Stuff flies off immediately after it was online. I think they give certain people early access privilege because I have seen things in a SOLD OUT status as soon as the site becomes available. Vintage lambskin in a "well loved" condition may well be around $2500. I have seen them in that price range on ebay before. Usually these sample sale sites guarantee authenticity. You can check their policy. I know that BBOS does. I have bought a Mulberry from BBOS as well. :)



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