Sunday, April 29, 2012

Stella McCartney Falabella Obsession

My heart literally skipped a beat when I spotted this black Stella McCartney Shaggy Deer Falabella Foldover Tote in Marshalls for $600. This bag retails $1095.  In order to justify my new purchase (yes, I'm keeping it, and omg I love it!), I am parting with my other recent Stella McCartney purchase. (see post here). If you are interested, please email me.
Outfit Details:
J.Crew stripe turtleneck (folded down. got it on super clearance $3)
J.Crew Factory utility vest (Recent for $30)
Coach booties (Very comfy. Marshall's has tan version on clearance for $99 right now)
Hoop Gold Earrings (gifted by Sydney)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ann Taylor Modern Lace Sheath Dress (00P)

Hi everyone. Happy Saturday. I hope you are all doing fine and enjoying the weekend. This week has been extremely difficult for me because I had a cracked molar for a few weeks and finally decided that it was time to get it out of me. This was the first time that I went through tooth extraction. The process was smooth and there was no complications. The side effect of not being able to put anything besides water in my mouth was brutal. I was starving!!! I lost more than 4 pounds in the process and hoping that it's going to look up from now.

These pictures were taken more than a week ago, but I didn't get a chance to post until today. The dress in 00P fit me perfectly. There wasn't an inch of extra fabric anywhere. The dress hugs very well. The lace is just gorgeous. I'm sure if you have seen the dress irl, you'll agree with me. The only thing I'm not sure about is the chiffon drape added to the dress. I see what the designer was trying to achieve, I'm just not convinced that it works the way it was intended. See it on SewPetiteGal.

Ann Taylor Modern Lace Sheath Dress (sold out online, link to the tall version, I'm wearing sz 00P)
I have thought about removing the chiffon draping, but after examining how it was sewed in I dismissed the idea. The removal might destroy the dress and I just don't want to risk it.  I like the upper part of the drape but dislike the bottom half because it looks awkward and hides the intricate beautiful details of the lace itself. So I played with it and came up with a semi-satisfactory solution - move the drape up and pin it (in the picture I simply tucked it in).

What do you think of the design of this dress? Are you a fan of the chiffon front?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Two Blazers: Which one to Keep?

I have been searching for a wool navy blazer and when I found one in Madewell in size 0 that fit me very decently, I was very happy. Then the J.Crew schoolboy in 00P came in the mail. Now I'm undecided.  They look very similar. Madewell one is a tad longer and bigger. J.Crew Schoolboy has a couple of hidden pockets inside that I really love and I love the contrasting fabric for cuffed look. I took a few pictures of both jackets so I can compare.  I'm still unsure even after rereading Kelly's informative post on how to find a blazer jacket that fits.  Please help me decide which jacket to keep. 

Jacket #1: Madewell Academy Blazer in size 0    vs. Jacket #2: J.Crew Schoolboy Blazer in Navy 00P

Two other pictures showing the cuffs of the J.Crew jacket.
Please weigh in on which jacket looks good on me. Thank you. :)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Fun Pants: Crewcuts Cafe Capri in Apple Bobbing

Thanks to Jean for posting these fun pants. They are adorable, fantastic quality, and the fit is simply irresistible. The elastic adjustable waist is definitely my favorite feature of these pants. It's great for growing kids, and why not expand it to adult pants as well? We fluctuate in weight as well.  I am considering slimming the openings of these pants to give it a skinny jeans look. See how it looks slimmed down on Khatu.  However I also adore the straight pants look - with high heels that is.  In any case, I couldn't wait to put an outfit together with these for a fun casual Friday.  BTW, when I was in the store yesterday, I saw some adult version of the apple print clothes.  I didn't like it at all. The apples were ... ugly. 

Outfit Details:
Express capsleeve shirt (xs, old)
J.Crew Girls' Side-Zip Cafe Capri in Apple Bobbing (sz 14, here)
Coach wedges (old)
H&M blazer
Ann Taylor red purse (past winter)
Swarovski snake bangle
leaf ring from Khol's

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

J.Crew Confetti Tweed Jacket

Kids are on spring break this week. So I have decided to tag along and take a couple of days off to enjoy the spring. Weather in New England has been very non-typical. We hit upper 80s one day and had to turn on the air conditioner.  
I had an interesting conversation with my 4th grader the other day. I received an email from his teacher to what it looked like an all parents mailing list saying that she gave some students some homework for the spring break because some of them didn't do so good on a homework they were supposed to be very solid on.  I asked Tristan if he had any homework for the break, he answered no. I said "Your teacher said she gave homework for the spring break." He answered "That's for only people who didn't do well on the other homework".  I said, "So you did well on the other homework?" His answer: "I didn't do the other homework." My eyebrows raised and repeated what he said "You didn't do your homework?" His answer: "I used my homework pass." I never figured out how kids get these homework passes. I assume they get them if they do well on certain things but who knows.  "How do you get these homework passes?" I asked. "I keep them in my backpack, and use them when I want to." What kind of answer is that? "So you used your homework pass to not do the homework so that you don't have to do extra homework because you didn't do bad on the homework you skipped?" It took him a few seconds to digest what I was saying, but in the end he grinned and said "yes." "Does that make sense to you?" I asked. "No," answered he, and burst in to laughter. It must sounded really funny to him no that I put it that way.

This J.Crew jacket is a size 00 regular that I purchased from the store last week. J.Crew is having a 30% off sale now that will put this jacket to $118. (orig. $278, item #64549). The jacket is very well made. The colors include - various pink, blue, gold, white, and green. It's very versatile. It can be paired with a lot of different outfits. The golden buttons are very cute. It's meant to be cropped on regular sized people, but on me, it looks more of a full length jacket. Same thing with sleeve length. This jacket looks best when buttoned, and it fits nicely but not snug on me. I can fit a thin sweater underneath. I don't recommend it to anyone smaller than me. I would say the fit is similar to a Loft 0P.  The pictures somehow made the colors look washed out. Hopefully you can see more clearly when you click on them.
J.Crew confetti Tweed Jacket (00, buy here)
Loft ruffle front long sleeve tee (old)
Gap jean leggings (00P)
Chanel M/L flap
Bandolino captoe pumps (from Marshall's)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

No Words

I am running out of things to say. That is so bad. :(

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

15 Fashion Bloggers Take The Runway at "Inside Generation Style"‏

I rarely get excited about this type of events, so I assume you don't either. However this is very special to me because one of the two sponsors of this event is the company I have worked for for 13 years. I feel a very special connection and will definitely be watching it tomorrow night at 8 pm via streaming. Here are the details:
Tune in tomorrow night to catch the runway show everyone's been buzzing about! 15 of your favorite bloggers will bridge the gap between fashion and technloloy while walking the reunway with their Intel-Inspired Ultrabooks™  at “ Inside Generation Style”, an exclusive fashion event hosted by Independent Fashion Bloggers (IFB) and Intel. The evening will celebrate fashion’s tech-savvy bloggers who are making their own name in this industry, and provide you with a peek at the hottest new Spring and Summer trends - in fashion and in techology!

When: April 11, 2012, 8pm EST

Where: LIVESTREAMING on Intel's Facebook Page

Dedicated Hashtag: #UltraBookStyle

With designs by KamaliKulture and Orla Kiely, hair styling by ARROJO Studio and accessories by Bauble Bar and JustFabulous, IFB couldn’t be more thrilled about this fashion-meets-tech event.

Ultra Responsive. Ultra Stylish. Ultrabook™ — Inspired by Intel

Intel's new Ultrabooks™ are the perfect combination of preformance and style. Featuring 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processor with built-in visuals, Intel® Quick Sync Video and Intel® Clear Video HD Technology (Intel® CVT HD), your Ultrabook™ can process your photo and videos in a flash. And its Ultra thin and lightweight build makes it a breeze to take anywhere you need to go. Get ready bloggers, your Ultrabook™ will be your favorite tool.

Who will be making a stylish turn down the runway?
Go girls!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

HOW TO WEAR: Yellow Denim

Strikingly yellow pants are the last thing I thought I would buy, let alone wearing it twice in a week. Reason - it's sooooo in your face. However, the color does make me happy. This is why happy faces are yellow. :)

I got this pair from GAP and it's the brightest yellow denim I have encountered so far. Compared to soft yellow it's harder to style yet more statement making. Here's my thoughts on how to make a successful outfit from it. 

1.  Pair it with a patterned top, like a striped T, a gingham shirt or a polka dot something. I used this polka dot blazer and chambray shirt to draw attention away from the yellow. I also added neutral brown colors (bag, and oxford shoes) to soften the brightness of the whole outfit.
Cambray on the Oxfords ties in with the Chambray shirt.
Polka dot socks peeking out.
Outfit details:
Ann Taylor Chambray shirt (old)
H&M Polka dot blazer (recent)
Gap 1969 skimmer legging jeans (size 00R, buy here)
Cole Haan oxford (old)
Chloe Paraty bag
Necklaces from auction and F21 (shortened)
Ralph Lauren polka dot ankle socks.

Here is how it looks with a striped T or a gingham shirt. Note that the pants in the picture with the gingham shirt is from Target (returned, reviewed in this post).

2.  Tone it down with darker colors. Navy and yellow pair up very nicely. I found this navy hoodie and decided to go with a schoolgirl look with the white H&M satchel wearing crossbody style.
Outfit details:Abercrombie kids hoodie (size XL)
Gap 1969 skimmer legging jeans (size 00R, buy here)
H&M satchel (recent, for $24.95)
Nine West wedges (old)

Are you finding colored denim hard to wear? What are your strategies to make them work for you?

20% off Chanel at BBOS Private Sale

After learning about the current Chanel classic flap prices recently - $4400 for medium (m/l) and $4900 for jumbo, a lot of people were shocked and talked about getting pre-owned (pre-loved, vintage, whatever you want to call it) Chanel purses.  I think it is definitely the best way to own something classic and timeless with a bit of a discount (not much, but I'll take anything.) I posted about my crazy black caviar purchase on BBOS Private Sale purchase for just over $2000 last November and triggered a lot of interests. A lot of people thought it was impossible to find classic style Chanel from BBOS Private Sale, but in fact they do get classic bags occasionally and price them at a fairly reasonable price. Now when they run a percentage off sale is when I pay a lot of attention. The bag being so expensive makes 20% a very large amount of money saved.

Today is one of those days that you can potentially get a Chanel for decent enough of a price. Here is the deal - Take an extra 20% off with Promo Code BUNNY20. (This deal is not public yet, but I imagine it will soon.) The deal ends April 10th.  Here are some of them worth mentioning.

This bag retails $4900 (same as classic jumbo), BBOS price is $4655. With 20% off, the bag comes to $3724. Still very high but if you are looking for a reissue, this is the one to get. The bag is in excellent condition. From the code it looks like a fairly recent bag.

This one is in "Gently Loved" condition, making the price more attractive - same retail price as the black on but priced at $3895, so after discount it's $3116. If I were to make a choice between this one and the black one, I'd pay the extra $600 for a black one in a much better condition. 

Same price as the silver one, if you prefer the CC lock. 

4. There are also some Petite Shopping Totes for sale for $1895 ($1516 after discount)
I want to get this post out before it's too late, for all the Chanel selections including bags and jewelry, click here.  If you are not a BBOS member yet, you can click on this invite to join. 

Enjoy. :)


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