Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Week in Outfits & Nordstrom complaints

Hi, everyone. I hope you have had a great week and having fun plans for the weekend. My week flew by just like that (*imagine quick hand movement*) and I'm looking forward to some real relaxation and sleep. Since the busy me didn't have much time to go shopping, I had to de-stress with online purchases. Not all of them worked out, but I have some real nice pieces that I am keeping. Hope to be able to share with all of you soon. As some of you might already know (my twitter friends), I have had some real trouble with Nordstrom online shopping last week. I ordered 4 pairs of shoes - 3 pairs of AGL flats (1 style in two sizes, and another style in 1 size), and 1 pair of Via Spiga boots. Only the boots shipped, and the other 3 pairs of flats (placed in two separate orders in 2 different days) all got cancelled.  I chatted with them online, and all they could tell me was that the inventory was no longer available. I was able to put the flats in the shopping carts and checked out with my credit card with no issue. How on earth could they be not available if I was able to do that? Real inventory not matching the online inventory I suppose. Folks working on IT would be able to tell me how hard it is to have a system that truly tracks the inventory. Being an engineer, I somehow do not think it's that hard. Target is able to do it, Gap/ON/BR is able to do it, even Ann Tayor/Loft whose online website crashes so often that I sometimes wonder if their IT team is simply incompetent has NEVER canceled my order before. Then I remembered that people complained about Barney's online system before. This is making me think that high end retail stores just don't give a crap on their online services, before the majority of their clientele (*rich people*?) do not use them? When I tweeted about my Nordstrom order cancellations on twitter a few other twitter friends joined in and complained about their orders being cancelled as well. One of them said Nordstrom explained to her that if somebody chooses 2-day shipping, priority goes to that person. Aha, too bad for those who wants to save some money and chose their "free standard shipping"! This sickens me, seriously!  Sorry for the Saturday morning venting. I need to do that to get it off my chest. I do not like retailers discriminate!!! Thanks for listening. 

Now onto my weekly outfit post.

Outfit 1:
J.Jill outlet tunic (xxsp old, found in my closet and still love)
Old Navy Rock Star jeggings (size 0)
Via Spiga boots (sz 6)
Loft belt (xs, love how small it fits, recent purchase on clearance $6)
Banana Republic factory scarf

 Outfit 2: 
F21 blouse
Calvin Klein vest
Loft striped blazer
Gap corduroy leggings (00R)
Aldo booties 
Ann Taylor necklace

Outfit 3:
Ann Taylor silk blouse (00P, old)
J.Crew flair skirt in double-serge wool (00P, runs tiny, buy here)
Loft necklace
Cole Haan leopard print booties
Michael Kors watch
the Limited bangle

 Outfit 4:
Abercrombie Kids gingham shirt (girls, size XL)
Loft sweater (gifted by Annie)
Loft Straight fit Jeans
Miu Miu pumps
pearl necklace from HauteLook

Outfit 5:
J.Crew top (old)
Ann Taylor leopard print cardigan
Loft chambray skirt (00P)
Ann Taylor pumps
Ann Taylor belt
Swarovski necklace
Alex Woo necklace

Outfit 6:
Loft long sleeve ruffle front pullover (old)
Old Navy Rock Star jeggings in color Ruby (0 short, here)
What comes around go around fur vest
Ann Taylor pumps
F21 ring 

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love your work outfits this week! I'm so sorry about your horrible online experience with Nordstrom! They're known to have excellent customer service...maybe that's in-store?

    1. Thank you! Their in-store customer service is very good. I have bought and returned from them before, and never did I have any issues. I think it's their online service only.

  2. Great outfits again! Sorry about your online bad experience. I had orders be cancelled on me before only with one retailer, Marks & Spencer and I shop A LOT on line yet they were the only ones who ever cancelled not once but 3 times! They all came out with the same c**p about the items running out blah blah and I said the same thing, how come I was able to complete my order not just once but 3 times and they all got cancelled a few days later (3rd order took forever before they finally sent me the cancellation email). In fact at that time, the items supposedly out of stock were still shown as available on their website - I was not a happy customer! Anyways, I haven't bothered to buy from them since.
    Hope you manage to find those flats!

    1. Marks & Spencer? Really. It's a big department store in England, isn't it? I have been there before when I visited eons ago. Some stores just have trouble, or won't spend the effort and money on technology, which really is a shame.

  3. Love your work outfits Vicky! I didn't know you got that double serge J.Crew skirt- I got that in navy a long time ago and returned it because it looked ridic on me.

    Bummer about Nordies....I finally got my order after having to re-order it. Very strange!

    1. Yep, I just ordered it and got it last week. I love the skirt! It runs very small though. I have to watch what I eat when I wear it. :)

  4. You drink a lot of coffee!

  5. That is a total bummer about nordies! They have pretty good service all around but to totally dump their online market is really unfortunate.

  6. I had a similar experience with Banana Republic. My order was cancelled just before it was ready to ship and the customer service said when they went to ship my order they ran out of the size. I put in another order for a different size but I am pretty sure thats going to get cancelled as well since the inventory showed just "one" size/item remaining .. completely understand your ranting !! btw love your blog!

    1. Thank you. :)
      I haven't had any problems with BR, but again, I don't buy from them that much. If they use the same system as ON and GAP, then I do buy from them a lot, and never did I have a order cancelled on me before. Hope you get what you wanted. Fingers crossed.

  7. Your work outfits are very gorgeous Vicky! Love the way its fitted and the layers. Love your tunic in Outfit 1! -xo

  8. Vicky - LOVE your iPhone cover! What is it? Also, especially love Outfit #6. I really enjoy your blog! LuAnn

    1. Thanks, LuAnn. :) The iPhone cover is Missoni for Target.

  9. You look great Vicky! My favorites are #4 and #5!

  10. I just had a really bad experience with Nordstrom too! They let me purchase and pay for a handbag, then I think they realized they didn't have any left, so they sent me a pair of shoes with the handbag warehouse label slapped on the shoebox! Uh... they didn't think I would notice? And the shoes aren't even my size. Now they are scrambling to find the handbag and I am holding their (way more expensive) shoes until I get the bag. This was my first experience with Nordstrom and I am not happy with their "legendary" customer service. I have a feeling this would have been handled differently if I had a Nordstrom charge card.

    1. lol, I know I shouldn't be laughing at your bad experience, but your story is way too funny. *sorry* I have officially boycotted online shopping with them. :)

  11. I just came across your blog as I have had some issues with Nordstrom canceling orders. By the way, your outfits are awesome and thanks for sharing your tips. Anyway, two of the three orders I have placed with them recently have been canceled which is super frustrating. However, the one order that did ship I requested next day delivery, so maybe they do give priority to customers who opt to pay for shipping which is ridiculous. I now have two "in process" orders with them, which I am hoping will ship (I paid for shipping, again). Its almost like a lottery with their site, I never know what will or will not ship, its beyond frustrating. Unfortunately, there is not a brick and mortar store in my area, so that is not an option. I will add, that I frequently shop at, and have never had an issue with them canceling an order regardless of price or shipping method. But, I totally agree with you that should be able to better manage their online inventory.


    1. Erin, thanks for sharing your experience. I have found bloomingdale's much more reliable and since shopped with them a lot more often even though I don't have the convenience of returning in store since they are far from my house. Nordstrom store service is fantastic though. :)



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