Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Week in Outfits & Igloo Maker

The week I present to you 2 work outfits, 1 work-from-home (wfh) outfit, and a weekend outfit. They don't differ significantly, but I tend to wear my oversized items at home, and more fitted clothing in the office. It's totally my preference, and all 4 outfits would be deemed ok to wear in my casual work environment. Last week, we finally got a day of decent snow.  So kids enjoyed a day off from school and used their igloo maker they got from their aunt for Christmas and made a fort.  I enjoyed a day of working from home wearing slippers and an oversized sweater.
 Outfit 1: (office outfit)
J.Crew honeycomb sweater in mint (xxs)
Loft cargo pants in olive (00P)
Leopard print booties from Cole Haan (sz 6)
Vintage pendants from ebay

Outfit 2: (office outfit)
Loft water painting shell (xxsp)
Ann Taylor merino wool cardigan in black (00P)
Ann Taylor pumps (sz 6)
Alex Woo necklace
 Outfit 3: (WFH outfit)
H&M check shirt 
Banana Republic cardigan (xsp, last year)
Express pleather legging (xs)
H&M belt
Victoria secret slippers (old)

Outfit 4: (Weekend outfit)
Ann Taylor factory shell (xxsp)
Zara shorts (xs)
Loft cardigan (old, xsp)
Michael Kors watch
pearl necklace gifted by my sister

Fort made by kids with Flexible Flyer Snow Block sold here. According to the kids, they are quite easy to use. And it looked like a lot of fun.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. You still managed to look stylish at home! Great to see the igloo - my kids would just love to get one of those too.

  2. Omigosh, you guys got that much snow? What fun for the kids! I might get one of those affordable snow blocks for my littlest brother. We had only a light dusting here but of course it was enough to delay flights into Boston for hours.

  3. WOW I can't believe you had THAT much snow... We have a dusting of snow today...and I have no food in the house so I have to trek over to the grocery store in this lousy weather and walk back with my purchases! I really like that cardigan from BR...I missed it last year during the sales. My mom is a fabulous designer and she can sew incredibly well :)

  4. that looks so fun!! i really like the mint color against your skin tone, its so flattering!

  5. We haven't had snow for months. I am surprised to see that you had that much snow. You actually dress when you work from home? I am always in my PJ's when I work from home =) Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Vicky!

  6. Having grown up in SoCal, I have no idea what a snow day is like, and seeing that awesome igloo makes me sad that I missed out!

  7. Clearly my comment did not go thru when I tried to do via let me try again!

    I do not miss all that snow although that igloo is awesome! And I like how you still look adorable working from home. I'd be in lounge



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