Friday, March 23, 2012

A Week In Outfits & an A-Ha Use For Lint Roller

Happy Friday everyone!!! I hope my east coaster friends are enjoying the unseasonal warm weather this week. I surely did. I took the Friday afternoon off to take care of my trusty Odyssey - her tires are wearing off and she needed 4 new tires. After $478 swiped off my credit card, she came out happy and new again. For some reason, this reminded me of how expensive handbags are. $478 can get you half of a bag if you are lucky, and for some bags, this pays 10% down payment. And you all know what brand I'm talking about. :) During the one hour wait for my car to come out, I enjoyed a nice stroll in the parking lot of the BJ's shopping center, finding my jacket over a summer dress too warm for a March day.

Here are some work outfits for your enjoyment.
 Outfit 1:Banana Republic tweed jacket (old)
Banana Republic pleated buckle skirt (old)
Ann Taylor pumps

Outfit 2:
Loft shell (old)
Gap jeggings
Urban Outfitter jacket (old)
Michael Kors watch
Talbots shoes

 Outfit 3:
Ann Taylor blouse
Ann Taylor pencil skirt with zipped pockets
Ann Taylor belts
Alex Woo necklace
Bandolino Captoe pumps (recent, from Marshal's $30, very comfortable)

Outfit 4:
Ann Taylor dress (recent, on clearance for $10, LOVE!)
(Update: On sale online for $49.88, 40% off with code ENTIRE here)
Ann Taylor neon skinny belt
Ann Taylor pumps
Swarovski flower necklace
Loft ponte jacket

 Outfit 5:
Loft Vintage Stripe Shift Dress (buy here)
Ann Taylor belt
Cole Haan Sandals

Outfit 6:
Ann Taylor Crossing path dress 
Ann Taylor belt
Ann Taylor sandals
H&M faux leather jacket

I hope I haven't bored you too much yet with outfits after outfits. Here's the exciting part of this post - well, at least for me it is. This morning I went through my morning routine as usual. When I was ready to put my makeup on, I noticed how filthy my Urban Decay Naked Eye shadow box was. Well, it was dirty for a while, but I couldn't clean it because the box was covered with a felt-like material. The more you wipe it the dirtier it gets. The dust just gets smudged in. But this morning, I knew exactly what to do. I took out my lint roller and rolled it across the top of the box. The result was phenomenal. One roll, it went from filthy to clean. I was so excited that I couldn't wait to share this to you all. This method can be used to clean anything with felt like surface, for example, some jewelry boxes.  Yes, this morning I had a "I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express" moment. Hope you find this trick useful.


  1. I'm trying to pick my fave and I just can't! That $10 dress is to die
    for !!

  2. Tires can be so expensive. It always hurts me to my heart to buy 4. LOL Great outfits! That tweed jacket is fab!

  3. Thank you for your recommendation.I want to tell you True Religion Outlet is also a good choice.

  4. Love all these looks Vicky...looking super stylish :)

  5. lol, thats a good idea! it'll be perfect for the jewelry boxes for sure

  6. I love all your looks. Can't decided which one is my favorite. The $10 AT dress looks amazing on you. Thank you for picking up one for me. I can't wait to get mine. =)

  7. Love your outfits! Its so perfect for the office. So well put together.
    Thanks for the advice with the lint remover. I will try that tip! - xo

  8. Such great looks! The $10 AT dress is so shapely and I love the extra neon embellishment you gave it with the pink belt.

  9. Great tip and love that faux leather by H&M :)

    Visit me and follow each other?

  10. Lots of very cute belts this week!

  11. Ooh Vicky, I'm loving that LOFT striped dress! So pretty! All your work outfits are great :)



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