Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Windy Weekend + A Sewing Machine Question

What a windy night. It felt like the whole house was going to be blown away! I planned to not get out today but the sun tricked me into thinking that it would be nice to take a short walk in the afternoon. The walk was short alright. Besides strolling around the house to find two pieces of fallen shingles, I made it as far as the end of the driveway. Brrrr....
Jcrew stadium cloth coat from 2011
Old Navy Rock Star Jeggings (size 0R)
Target boots
J.Crew scarf
Banana Republic Factory hat

I have a question to the DIY sewing experts out there. I have given a couple of pairs of my pleather leggings to my Dad to trim and hem recently. He finished one pair - simple black no pattern pleather legging; however when he started the second pair - this snake patterned pleather legging, he could not get the sewing machine to work. The thread would go for a bit and stop. The thread would be broken. My Dad tried adjusting the settings and changed needles but made no difference. The sewing machine works perfectly with a different material.  Any idea what to do with it? I would really appreciate it if you can relay my question to someone who might know the answer. 

Happy Sunday!!!


  1. no idea about the sewing, but brrr!! it was actually nice here today, a little above 40! just have to hold on a little longer til spring comes...

  2. The wind yesterday and today was outrageous!! Totally ruined my outfit photo shoot lol. Those jeggings look really cute on you...I have a blue pair that I have yet to wear yet!

  3. Just stumbled across your blog. I like your outfits!! Glad to know that you can be a cool mom with style (just to mentally prepare myself when I do become a mom =) )

    Suzie Q
    Style Cue by Suzie Q

  4. Is that your house in the backgroung Vicky? It's gorgeous! Wow that must have been really windy to find loose shingles!

    You look adorable all bundled up :)

  5. Lovely Outfit, especially the jegging in that color with the black. Great pairing!


  6. Brrrr....I can feel how cold it is thru your pics! Well if it makes you feel any better- the winds in CA killed my camera and lens:(

    I wish I could help w/the sewing question but have no clue:(

  7. I'm no sewing expert, but with leggings or skinny pants that are too long, I usually just leave it as is and wear it all scrunchy around the ankles, as if it were shirred material. sorry I can't be of more help.
    As for the weather, you're braver than me when it comes to cold. It's about low 50s here, maybe high 40s, with about 10-15 mph winds and I still can't take the cold.
    Thank you space heater!

  8. Thanks for sharing this information its really nice.



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