Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sale Alert: Abercrombie Kids $15 Sweatpants

For those of you who are small enough to fit a junior sized sweatpants or have tweens or teens who are in need of comfy, stylish clothes and think Abercrombie is out of their price range, this is the opportunity to stock up. I have taken Jasmine to sweatpants shopping a few times and couldn't pull the trigger for a $45 sweatpants. So when it was on sale last year for $25 I bought her a pair.  She claimed it was her favorite, most comfortable pair. The skinny version of the sweatpants actually looks very nice on her, nothing like a traditional frumpy old sweatpants that I am used to.  They come in different styles and colors so there are a lot to choose from. For $15 each, I can't sit there and ignore it. So I whipped out my credit card and ordered 4 pairs, 2 for Jasmine and 2 for Tristan.  You also get free shipping for spending $75 or more.  Click here to shop.
If you need a filler to get free shipping, why not try on this Samantha gingham shirt. It's on sale for only $19.8. If you are still hunting for the perfect gingham, this could be it. I ordered it in XL for myself to try on.
This is how the Dawn in XL looks on me.  I bought this shirt and love it. The quality is impressive and the price is nice.
This sale is also available in store. Happy Shopping.


  1. Vicky, thanks for posting this deal! I'm in need of sweatpants and hope XL will work out. If not, I can always scrunch it up for the cropped look lol!

  2. I just wore a Gingham button-up top yesterday. You've proven to me that it's still in style. Thanks!



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