Friday, January 6, 2012

Lace Trimmed Blouse and Pleated Skirt + Zoya Nail Polish

Happy Friday!!! I'm certainly happy that the week is over, although I'm pretty sure I have to work through the weekend, again. J.Crew is having extra 40% off sale items in store.  If you are a cable sweater (or honeycomb) fan (BTW, I'm not, and I don't know if anyone can convert me through this sale yet. :)),  the cute sweaters as seen on Khatu and Jean are only $24 each (orig. $79.50).

On to today's OOTD.  I fell in love with this Forever 21 blouse as soon as I saw it. It was a pretty nude color with black laces vertically in the front and horizontally in the back on the shoulder. The neckline is just adorable, finished off with thin ties.  I thought of pairing it with my Loft pleated skirt this morning, but the fur vest was an after thought. I looked for a warmer layer and this vest was hanging there waiting for me to pick it up. It was perfect! I adore the black crochet over nude chiffon.
What Goes Around Comes Around Fur vest
Loft pleated skirt
F21 blouse
Ann Taylor factory store bracelet

Have you heard that Zoya is giving away 2 FREE bottles of nail polish till Jan. 9th? All you have to pay is the standard shipping $6.95 to be exact. So it's not totally free. But if you like Zoya nail polish, $3.50 a bottle shipped is a pretty decent deal. CODE: ZOYA2012 
Want to know what color I ordered?
                                              Dree                                               Areej

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love that vest Vicky!!! The blouse is awesome too, I have something similar with short sleeves so it'll have to wait until Summer. I ordered two colours from Zoya as well, but mine are not as adventurous as yours...

  2. i totally love that top. it's very sophisticated.


  3. Happy Friday! The blouse is simply gorgerous and look stunning paired with the fur and skirt.

  4. That blouse is gorgeous!

    Hope you have a nice weekend! :)

  5. I wanted to try that Zoya nail polish but they don't do international shipping :( boo!

    Nice top though :)

  6. Love that black pleated skirt...and great F21 find!

  7. I totally took advantage of the Zoya deal as well! I bought a pretty nude pink and a subtle frosty white. It's my first Zoya purchase!

    I love that shirt from F21... so feminine!

  8. What a pretty blouse! It almost looks vintage! Love it w/the fur vest and pleats!!!

    I had no idea you didn't like cable sweaters! You should sell the pink one from last year I gave I could totally see it layered with your navy/black gingham underneath so your arms don't itch :)

  9. I never have any luck (or patience) at F21. The only things I usually find are neon, ripped, or horrendously made. I love the color and detail in the blouse; it makes me think of the (very) olden days when women would only wear dresses.

  10. Ooh I love that fur vest! I've never tried Zoya but now may be the time...that pink color you picked out is lovely!

  11. I've been throwing my black faux fur vest over everything lately as well and I'm glad to see another blogger do the same! They're so versatile and definitely add a little something! Love that yours has crochet detail on the back- so cute!

    I love the colours of Zoya polishes that you chose; they would so cute together too! Hopefully they ship to Canada too.. going to check out the deal now :) Thanks for sharing!


  12. beautiful outfit, i love your skirt. I am following your blog pls visit mine, I hope follow back



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