Sunday, January 8, 2012

Donning Ravish Me Red

I'm not a heavy makeup user. The way I like my daily makeup is so that people can't even tell I'm wearing any. However I do like lipsticks. I feel that the color of the lipsticks can change a look completely.  So I embraced this true RED lipstick (Revlon Super Lustrous in Ravish Me Red) I received from Jean right before Christmas. Thank you again Jean. This is the color I've been looking for. This is how I wore it today. 
Ann Taylor Chambray shirt 
Casual Corner sweater (wow, this is old, Casual Corner was long gone)
H&M pants (the pants keep on shrinking every time I wash it. :))
Loft necklace
J.Jill earrings
Kohl's leaf ring

Do you wear red lipstick?


  1. I have not tried red lips yet, but you make me want too!! I have so many freebies from Clinique, I am sure I can find a red one in my make-up drawer!

    That necklace is so pretty!

    And looking at your up-close pics...your skin is amazing Vicky!!

  2. I love the red lipstick on you. Very glam and chic.

  3. That red is perfect on you! The finishing touch. I hardly wore make up in the past decade but before xmas I bought new lipticks in 3 different reds and wear them all the time now - part of my adding colour resolution for this year.

  4. Love that sweater, and the colors in your outfit...looks great :)


  5. That shade of red is perfect on your lips. Love the entire outfit. I'm still looking for the LC leaf ring, none of my stores have it :(

  6. You look great Vicky, that lipstick REALLY suits you! I love red lipsticks but I've been sticking with neutrals lately as I have been rushing out the door. Red definitely requires a little more effort and time in the mornings ;)

  7. I don't often wear red lipstick Vicky, but I totally love it on you!!

  8. that shade of red looks delightful on you! what a perfect red! :)

  9. I'm not much of a makeup wearer either, but I do like this orangey-red shade on you! Love it with this casual and cute outfit.

  10. I like you in bright lipstick! Just adds a whole new dimension to you. Love.

    Great outfit Vicky. Love the chambray layered underneath.

  11. You look awesome in red lipstick Vicky! It's all about finding the right shade and Jean did a great job picking one out for you! I also do wear a shade of red, it's Make-up forever...I saw it on a Sephora Sales Associate and asked her what it was and tried it...immediately bought it! BTW, I wanted to tell you thank you for tweeting about the re-stock of certain missoni items yesterday along with the 10% code. I ended up getting the sleeveless knit dress I had been wanting. We'll see how it looks when it arrives!

  12. your sweater looks gorgeous...
    Loving all the great outfits you pull together!




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