Sunday, January 29, 2012

OOTD: Weekend Mint

As much as I wanted to resist the J.Crew honeycomb sweaters that Jean, Kelly, Wendy, and Sydney all scored in different colors, I couldn't resist this soft mint color.  So I overlooked the reality that honeycomb and cable sweaters look meh on me, and purchased this last time I was in J.Crew. How I love this color!
I am going to have to crop off my eyes in majority of my future photos because I noticed that the work pressure from last year has shown as a sure sign of wrinkles around my eyes. My good friend from work told me that she noticed it.  When I look at these photos, I can't help but notice how tired I look even after a 10 hour sleepathon last night.
Hope you enjoy these photos nevertheless.
J.Crew honeycomb sweater (sz xxs)
Ann Taylor Denim Zipper Leggings (00P, Enchanted wash, buy here, last worn here)
Via Spiga boots
J.Crew lady day coat (0P, heather majestic purple, w thinsulate, buy here)
Chanel M/L flap
Peri Cameo pendant (ebay)
F21 earrings

Friday, January 27, 2012

OOTD: Missoni for Target Sleeveless Sweater Dress

Missoni for Target Sleeveless Sweater Dress (xs, buy here)
J.Crew merino wool cardigan (xxs, last year)
Ann Taylor belt
Ann Taylor and Loft bracelets
Michael Kors watch

The dress looks better without the cardigan in my opinion, but I'd freeze without the cardi. :) For those who are wondering the difference between the girls version and the adult version, the adult version has a built-in slip.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Miu Miu Pumps

Hello everyone! Long time no post! Happy Lunar New Year! Forgot to wear red on New Year's Day but managed to do so the next day. Oh well, hope it's better than nothing.
Today's post is all about these new taupe pumps I acquired recently thanks to Jean's tweets. I was so happy when I put them on and was able to walk around without any slipping issues. The color is a very pretty neutral, and I love the angular shape of the top.
Outfit Details:
H&M top (LOVE the color)
Gap legging jeans (00P)
H&M sweater (recent, love the drape, comes in green too)
Miu Miu pumps
Chanel m/l flap
pearls from auction
Sarah Coventry two-heart ring (from ebay, blue version here)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sale Alert: Abercrombie Kids $15 Sweatpants

For those of you who are small enough to fit a junior sized sweatpants or have tweens or teens who are in need of comfy, stylish clothes and think Abercrombie is out of their price range, this is the opportunity to stock up. I have taken Jasmine to sweatpants shopping a few times and couldn't pull the trigger for a $45 sweatpants. So when it was on sale last year for $25 I bought her a pair.  She claimed it was her favorite, most comfortable pair. The skinny version of the sweatpants actually looks very nice on her, nothing like a traditional frumpy old sweatpants that I am used to.  They come in different styles and colors so there are a lot to choose from. For $15 each, I can't sit there and ignore it. So I whipped out my credit card and ordered 4 pairs, 2 for Jasmine and 2 for Tristan.  You also get free shipping for spending $75 or more.  Click here to shop.
If you need a filler to get free shipping, why not try on this Samantha gingham shirt. It's on sale for only $19.8. If you are still hunting for the perfect gingham, this could be it. I ordered it in XL for myself to try on.
This is how the Dawn in XL looks on me.  I bought this shirt and love it. The quality is impressive and the price is nice.
This sale is also available in store. Happy Shopping.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sale Alert: Missoni for Target Dresses

Some of you might have seen my tweets a few days ago on the restocking of the Missoni for Target sweater dresses, thanks to reader Nhung. If you have acted on it then, chances are you had to pay $54.99 for this dress. Today, the deal has sweetened. Not only did the dress get marked down to $38.49, it also was included in the "spend $75, save 20%" deal. (It was not when I tweeted.) The discount is automatically taken during checkout. Note that the code TGTHTT5Z is stackable for an additional 10% off your purchase. When all said and done, this dress will be around $27. If you have Target Red Card you will automatically get 5% off on your purchase during checkout, and get free shipping on any amount. Don't forget to use to get an additional 3% back.  Here are the items I picked up. Yes, I need a new iphone 4 case because I just rewarded myself with an iphone 4S and enjoyed every single conversation with Siri.

Happy shopping!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Donning Ravish Me Red

I'm not a heavy makeup user. The way I like my daily makeup is so that people can't even tell I'm wearing any. However I do like lipsticks. I feel that the color of the lipsticks can change a look completely.  So I embraced this true RED lipstick (Revlon Super Lustrous in Ravish Me Red) I received from Jean right before Christmas. Thank you again Jean. This is the color I've been looking for. This is how I wore it today. 
Ann Taylor Chambray shirt 
Casual Corner sweater (wow, this is old, Casual Corner was long gone)
H&M pants (the pants keep on shrinking every time I wash it. :))
Loft necklace
J.Jill earrings
Kohl's leaf ring

Do you wear red lipstick?

Friday, January 6, 2012

Lace Trimmed Blouse and Pleated Skirt + Zoya Nail Polish

Happy Friday!!! I'm certainly happy that the week is over, although I'm pretty sure I have to work through the weekend, again. J.Crew is having extra 40% off sale items in store.  If you are a cable sweater (or honeycomb) fan (BTW, I'm not, and I don't know if anyone can convert me through this sale yet. :)),  the cute sweaters as seen on Khatu and Jean are only $24 each (orig. $79.50).

On to today's OOTD.  I fell in love with this Forever 21 blouse as soon as I saw it. It was a pretty nude color with black laces vertically in the front and horizontally in the back on the shoulder. The neckline is just adorable, finished off with thin ties.  I thought of pairing it with my Loft pleated skirt this morning, but the fur vest was an after thought. I looked for a warmer layer and this vest was hanging there waiting for me to pick it up. It was perfect! I adore the black crochet over nude chiffon.
What Goes Around Comes Around Fur vest
Loft pleated skirt
F21 blouse
Ann Taylor factory store bracelet

Have you heard that Zoya is giving away 2 FREE bottles of nail polish till Jan. 9th? All you have to pay is the standard shipping $6.95 to be exact. So it's not totally free. But if you like Zoya nail polish, $3.50 a bottle shipped is a pretty decent deal. CODE: ZOYA2012 
Want to know what color I ordered?
                                              Dree                                               Areej

Have a great weekend!

Monday, January 2, 2012

OOTD: Black Fur Vest and Pleather Shorts

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you enjoyed your holiday break, and ate and rested and ready to face a brand new year.  I thought long and hard about my blog in the coming year during the vacation and during the thought process, almost (yes, almost) came to a conclusion to close it down. Don't panic yet (I'm hoping you would , lol), because I decided not to. The reason why I was considering was because I will have a ridiculously busy year at work. Those of you who got to know me during 2011 had a clue that I was just drowning at work.  This new year will not be any different.  In order to keep my sanity and not to kill myself in the process, I have to let something go.  This blog has been my place to relax and enjoy sharing with you, but it also takes time.  Giving it up completely just seem wrong and I will soon regret it I'm sure. So I have decided to post less often and keep it alive.  Thank you so much for your support and patience.  

** BTW, I lost DISQUS during the process of changing the blog background last week. I decided to keep the blogger comments for a while and see how I like it. **
Fur front - silky and smooth
Crochet back 
F21 top
What Goes Around Comes Around Fur Vest (xs, from TJMaxx)
F21 Pleather shorts
Jessica Simpson boots (old)
Marco Tagliaferri bag (from
F21 necklace
Michael Kors watch
Swarovski earrings
Ann Taylor factory bracelet
Kohl's leaf ring


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