Saturday, December 17, 2011

Uninvited Guests in the Attic

For the longest time, kids complained about noise upstairs. We thought they were just being kids - finding excuse not to shower upstairs, because "It's scary." at night. Then this morning, I heard this continuous scurrying in the closet. I knew it wasn't the wind, so I asked Bryan to check it out. A few minutes later, he announced that we had squirrels in our attic. Don't get my wrong, I love those little creatures in our backyard. But in the attic? NO!!!! Anyone have any ideas how to get rid of them?

Have you guys ordered this Chambray shirt from Coldwater Creek yet? If not, you should consider. See Jean's post for details. I ordered both black and sour cherry colors. I have not received them yet, but I am totally looking forward to it. Update: Received them. They are HUGE. No go. Fail. Waiting to see if it'll fit my Mom. I ordered it when it was at $11.89 which I thought was a ridiculously great price. Then two days later, it went on further sale for $10.19. I went on the live chat and they price adjusted for me on CHAT.  Amazing customer service! I wear my Ann Taylor Chambray almost every week. It looks great on its own and fantastic as a layering piece. Since it's in the wash still, I used the gingham one instead today for layering. To add a little interest and show more of the gingham pattern, I decided to leave the sweater unzipped and used a leopard print belt to tie the look together.
Ralph Lauren gingham shirt (pxs, buy similar here)
Banana Republic Factory zip up cardigan (xs)
Zara shorts (current, fits great, similar here)
Ann Taylor belt (similar here)
Swarovski Alice In Wonderland Necklace


  1. I've been enjoy reading your blog in 2011. Wish you more beautiful and stylish in 2012. Happy Holiday!

  2. The gingham with yellow is adorable, Vicky. Did you buy the RL one on eBay? If so...great find.

    What's with squirrels living in people's attics? I first heard my coworker had this issue, and then another one had the same. I can't believe it's such a widespread problem! They ended up "exterminating" them...very sad, but they didn't know what else to do.

    PS - I have my fingers crossed about the shirts. I'd feel bad if several people ordered them and they turned out to be bad. I have no experience at all with Coldwater Creek's quality nor sizing so I have no idea what to expect.

  3. Thank you so much, Victoria! Happy holidays to you too. 

  4. Thanks, Jean. I got the RL shirt from Lord and Taylor in the summer during one of their wholesale store sale event. High quality, no ironing required, low maintenance, so I can't complain. I am looking for a long sleeve one now, since this one is quarter sleeve.

    Exterminating them? How would you do that? That's scary. Bryan emailed animal control and see what they say. I hope there's a way to lure them out. Jasmine and Tristan took out their zhu zhu pet, and said they would send it to the attic as squirrel assassin.

    I give high hopes to the shirts. If they are too big for me, I'll give them to Mom. I'm sure they are good quality. Coldwater Creek is my MIL's favorite store. lol. Don't feel guilty if they don't work out. They are returnable after all. Can't wait for them to arrive. 

  5. oh my, squirrels in the attic?! i can't think of any ideas on how to get rid of them. hmm. on nother note, i really like your top! the color is really pretty.

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  6. Love your outfit - great how you add the chartreuse with the black and the gingham/belt for pattern.
    Hope you manage to safely evict the squirrels asap!

  7. I love the chartreuse and leopard combo! I need to try this out soon! 

  8. Hi Vickie,
    Get a Have-A-Heart trap (probably available at a hardware store). Then you put food in it (squirrels love bird seed) and when the squirrel goes on, the cage door shuts and you can take them outside and release them. If I lived closer to you I would let you release them here, we have a ton of squirrels and they all live in our yard (they eat at our bird feeders, so they feel no need to come into our house).

  9. Thank you so much. I have a feeling they came in for warmth though. They stay in one area of the attic and don't come into the house. We have a lot of squirrels too and kids and I love to watch them play. They are pretty cute I have to admit. I have no idea where they came in from. I was told that they jump very far, so they could have come in from the trees that are too close to the house.
    Subject: [vickysdailyfashionblog] Re: Uninvited Guests in the Attic

  10. Lol!! I like Nashua's idea of the "Have-A-Heart" trap!  I assume you were not thinking of killing the things! 

    I am excited to see how the Coldwater Creek shirts turn out! Their customer service sounds great!

    Love the shorts with the tights! :)

  11. Thanks for the morning chuckle I hope you get rid of the squirrels! 

    I like your shorts and tights...wish we could have seen more of it. Does the waist fit? I can never find shorts that fit in the waist and butt....

  12. Megan_LongLiveClassyDecember 18, 2011 at 11:44 AM

    Love the gingham with the yellow sweater! I hope you get rid of those little creatures :)

  13. I love the gingham and leopard print mix!  Poor little squirrels.......I hate to think of them being out in the cold but I certainly couldn't have them living in my hous either :)

  14. Annie, the shorts fit very well.



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