Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sale Alert: Ann Taylor Faux Fur Styles 70% off

Warmer weather this winter has brought us fantastic cold weather item sales. First it was the ridiculously priced J.Crew coats, now Ann Taylor has slashed all its faux fur items by 70% (with coupon).
Surprisingly I haven't picked up any faux fur clothing or accessories this year (until today) even though they were literally at every corner you turn. I love the look, but I haven't found the perfect one for me (nicely made, not too cheap looking, reasonably priced).  I tried this Luxe Faux Fur Sweater Vest in the store once and loved it! But the price tag ($168) made me put it down. Now with the 70% off, the vest is about $50, a little more digestible. The color is very pretty in person, and I like that it's not all around fur, so the back view looks very shapely.
Ann Taylor vest

This deal is in-store only and only lasts till Friday. The store near me didn't have petite sizes for this vest, so I used the style finder to place an order to have it shipped to me from a different store. If you have an Ann Taylor card, the shipping on this item is waived.

Will you be taking advantage of this sale?


  1. tempting...very tempting but I must stay

  2.  I am not a fan of faux fur in general but looking forward to seeing the vest on you, Vicky!

  3. vicky-- i been eyeing this item! but i must control myself. can't wait to see it on you!



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