Friday, December 2, 2011

Forever 21 Cropped Tweed Jacket

Being sick is no fun. Being sick and overloaded at work is a super bad combination. My lesson learned this week - you are more productive and have better influence to others when you are not a disgruntled b*tch.
I also learned this week that for the longest time I thought I had problems with my night vision, it turns out that I just needed to clean my windshield. Yes, the inside of my windshield.

Outfit Details:
F21 Cropped Tweed Jacket
Express studded dress
Chanel m/l flap
Pearl necklaces from auction
Pearl earrings (gifted from MIL)
Skagen watch
Lauren Conrad Leaf Ring from Kohl's (Love!!!)
Zippered sleeves
Skagen watch - simple, modern, clean lined, mesh strap. LOVE! $60 from Nordstrom's Half-yearly sale.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Well well well...what do we have here? What a cute jacket! And where did you get that cute ring from?

  2. Thank you, Annie. The ring is by Lauren Conrad for Kohl's. My absolute favorite ring now. Just updated the post for the info. I'm still pretty sick, so sorry for forgetting this ring. :)

  3. Elegant outfit, Vicky!  I have to say, the ring is my favorite part :)

  4. I love the studded dress.

  5. the length is really good! i like the thicker material - tweed is so sophisticated

  6. Sorry you weren't feeling well :(  Cute jacket, and love that dress...both pieces work so well together!

  7. Seems to be the month of sickness. I came down with bronchitis myself over the weekend and my cough still stops people when they hear me. 

  8. Megan_LongLiveClassyDecember 3, 2011 at 11:54 AM

    That jacket doesn't even look like it came from Forever 21! I never get lucky and find quality looking things whenever I shop at F21! Haha :)

    You look so ladylike and classy!

  9. aww, i'm so sorry to hear you're feeling sick!  it's definitely that time of year.  hopefully you can rest up and feel better before the holidays start though. 

    i really love this outfit!!  it's so classy and i'm amazed that the jacket is F21.  great find and the Skagen watch is the perfect finishing touch!

    cute & little   

  10. love your jacket!!

  11. Interesting post. I have been wondering about this issue,so thanks for

  12. I have you feel better soon!  The jacket is gorgeous, and I love the zipper sleeved details!

  13. Love the print on print...Small scaled for super subtle effect...and that Chanel!!  Oohlala so in love!


    Peace. Love. LOL!

  14. your purse is SOO beautiful!! i want!! :D

  15. hopefully you're better :) love the mix of a Chanel piece a F21 blazer! 

  16. [rushes off to go wash inside of windshield]

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