Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas is Stressing Me Out

Hello, everyone. Long time no see! I have been MIA for the past week, or was it more than that? I have a good excuse though. "Christmas is Stressing Me Out".  Last Sunday morning, I woke up and realized that I hadn't ordered my Christmas picture cards yet, outdoor Christmas decorations were still in the basement, I still had many many presents to buy, the house was a mess, five baskets of laundry to do, the fridge was empty, my son was having a cold, AND showstopper bugs waiting for me to look at for work. It literally freaked me out. Thankfully, when I announced "I'M STRESSING OUT." Everyone in the family heard it. Kids helped out straightening the rooms, husband went out and put up the Christmas decorations, while I furiously vacuumed. We picked out the picture of the family together to be on our Christmas card this year and the cards are now on their way to our house. I'm still stressed, but well enough to write up this post. 

I didn't take any outfit pictures last week, and I am so bummed out about it. I have worn my Ann Taylor Factory tweed skirt twice to work already and neither time I got a chance to snap a shot.
Did anyone else pick up this skirt?

BUT, I forgot that while I was playing with my secret santa's present, this outfit was captured. This was one of my favorite outfits, I hope you enjoy it too.
Loft pleated skirt (00P) (on Annie here)
Ann Taylor belt (old)
Loft blouse (xxsp, on Annie here)
Ann Taylor scarf (last season)

I just noticed 3 items (2 shown, 1 in my right hand, not shown) from my Secret Santa. Can you figure out what they are? I know I'm spoiling the reveal, but I couldn't wait to put them in use right away. I love my Secret Santa.


  1. I saw that tweed skirt and thought it was so pretty!  You look great Vicky, love, love your scarf!

  2. Such a pretty scarf! Love the pattern. 

  3. Sorry to hear you had a stressful week! Hope things are slowing down for you! So nice of your family to chip in. :)

    Yay! Now I do not feel so bad for wearing my Santa gifts early! :p I received my Secret Santa package on a night that we were going out for late night snacks/drinks, so I immediately styled an outfit around my gifts! I am so excited for all the reveals!

    I love that flowy white top on you! So pretty with the red and black! 

  4. I totally know what you're going through and glad you got some extra help. You look great and am hopeless at guessing so no idea about your 3 items.

  5. I love that outfit Vicky!  Don't stress, nothing will be perfect, just try to enjoy this time of year with your family :)

  6. I love how you styled the Loft pleated skirt! So classy and elegant! I'm thinking of taking in the waist but the sides still bunch on me...grrr...

    What is that lovely cuff I see? Does it actually fit?

  7. The "lovely cuff" is the MK watch. :) Yes, it actually fits. lol.

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