Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ann Taylor Faux Fur Vest and Rebecca Minkoff Sweetie Clutch

Besides gingham shopping, I haven't been doing much lately. Tristan is sick, so I stayed at home with him while Daddy took Jasmine skiing - for the first time, and she was on the blue trail before lunch time. What a natural!  Even though I haven't accomplished anything, I feel tired. It comes with having to entertain a nine year old for a whole day. We are talking about board game after board game, and wii party. So excuse me for the lack of words, let's just see some pictures.
Outfit Details:
Loft cardi (old)
Ann Taylor Faux Fur Sweater Vest (xsp, buy here)
Gap Ponte Leggings (00R, last seen here)
Prada boots
Rebecca Minkoff Sweetie Clutch in Cameo (buy here, the color of the bag is off, the endless website color is more true to real color)


  1. Another purse Vicky? Lol I love the bow detail and the color is sp pretty! I didn't think I would like that vest but it looks really nice on you. I like that it's not all fur which makes it much more versatile:)

  2. That purse is so cute, yet edgy!! You look great! 

    Hope your boy feels better soon!

  3. Your purse is adorable!  Love the fur!

  4. I think I've said it before, I am not a fur fan in general but this sweater has the "right" amount of fur. You look great. Your boots are so hot. Hope Trishtan is feeling better soon. My husband stays home all week. He is taking care of the little one so I can squeeze some shopping time after work..hahah..

  5. Vicky, in your own words you truly have become the "bag lord" ; ) How your collection has exploded in just a year! I like the combo of this vest with the olive ponte and boots. It looks winter cozy. I give you props again for taking these pictures outdoors. I'm in southern California now where winter "daytimes" are reaching a balmy 70-75 degrees, but I have NOT forgotten what it felt like in the Northeast last week. Hope Tristan feels better soon!



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