Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sale Alert: BBOS Extra 25% Off Today Only

This is so exciting! Extra 25% off today only (update: extended to 11/23) with code: REDHOT. Hope you score some great finds.
I got my beautiful Chanel and Mulberry from them and so happy with both of my purchases. Just make sure to check the condition of the pre-owned items with online live chat service or call them to verify before you make your purchase. The purchases are returnable with store credit only so do your research before hitting the "buy" button.  If you missed the invitation from previous posts, here it is again.

I'm dying for this one:
And how about this Grand Shopping Tote for $1668.75? (SOLD OUT, wonder if one of my readers got it.)


  1. $1688 for the shopper tote???  That is a great deal I saw this bag at Chanel a few weeks ago, the current price is slightly over $3K.  

  2. that's amazing, chanel on sale! ugggh how I wish I live in the states! congrats on your purchases!

  3. I still can't believe you got such a great deal on your flap! Thanks for passing along the sale intel :)

  4. Yeah that's a pretty sweet deal. No wonder it was gone in no time.

  5. You're welcome, Katherine. Hope you reveal what's in your "thanksgiving themed box" soon! :)



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