Sunday, November 27, 2011

Another Pretty J.Crew Scarf

I am very picky about what I put around my neck.  I have pretty sensitive skin, and don't like anything with just a bit of scratchiness against my bare skin, especially around my neck. So when I pick scarves, I usually check the materials first before I purchase. The beautiful Missoni scarf I bought (and returned) was an exception. I knew it had "acrylic" and "mohair" in it, and it usually translates into "scratchiness" but it was so pretty that I had to give it a shot. Although it was a fail, it was a good lesson learned. I know now that I can only admire Missoni scarves from afar. Wear them well, my fellow bloggers. :)  You probably remember that I bought my leopard print scarf from J.Crew last year and it is by far my most used and reached scarf in my closet. Not only is the print versatile, it is made of wool and cashmere and it's light weight and extremely soft. After having such a positive experience when J.Crew scarf, I kept my eyes open for scarves when I am in their stores. Sure enough when I popped in last week, I found something very pretty and unique. The scarf is made of 100% wool, but feels like silk. It's extremely smooth. I am very fond of the pattern and have a feeling that it will go with a lot of my outfit and would be another scarf that I'd get a lot of wear. I cannot find it online, but it's a brand new arrival in store. Retails $58. (In store had a 25% off promotion last week.)
Having homemade pumpkin bread and coffee for breakfast.
Did I mention that Bryan is a fantastic baker?
Do you spy bunnies? hint: picture is sideways.
The scarf is Jasmine approved, since it's got cute bunnies on it. :) 

The week long vacation is coming to an end, and I am not ready to go back to the swing of things. Sigh. Hope you all have a great Sunday! 


  1. I was going cross eyed looking for the bunnies! I like the black and white combo- it'll be so easy to to match. I couldn't but check out your beautiful home. House tour please! lol

  2. Oh can you send some of that homemade pumpkin bread my way please?

  3. I love the soft black color!  Great pick!

    That pumpkin bread sounds amazing!!

  4. Vicky - you've enabled me....this scarf is soooo on my wishlist (but I loathe paying retail for j. crew)...hoping it comes online soon/goes on sale soon!

  5. I know what you are saying, Elle. I very seldom pay retail for anything except F21 and H&M. 
    Hope it'll go on sale soon. 

  6. Thanks Michelle. I wish I could share tastes online. lol

  7. You are too funny, Annie. Did you find the bunnies after all?  
    I do the same on your posts - checking out your beautiful home. :)

  8. Ooo, how I wish I could share. :) Maybe I should do a Home made pumpkin bread giveaway. lol. Just kidding.

  9. Can you send me some of that homemade bread?  LOL!  I love that scarf too although wool (any percentage)makes me itch!



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