Monday, November 28, 2011

OOTD: I Love Cute T's

While going through girls' clothing section in Target last week trying to find some Hello Kitty stuff for Jasmine, I found this cute little tee for $11.99 by Ginger & Wasabi. Oh that highlighter green! I bought it in a size XL and it fits me pretty well. Throw on a boyfriend blazer and leather shorts, I was ready to go.
Target does have some cute Hello Kitty clothing pieces if you are interested. So does Forever21. Hello Kitty must be coming back in trend, that little cutie thing!
Crackled Nail Polish in Red over Gold
Outfit Details:
Target T shirt by Wasabi & Ginger (girl size xl)
Zara boyfriend blazer (sz xs)
Chanel m/l flap
Forever 21 faux leather shorts (s/p)
Aldo EYLENJA booties
Swarovski  earrings
Banana Republic bracelet
Sterling silver leaf ring

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Another Pretty J.Crew Scarf

I am very picky about what I put around my neck.  I have pretty sensitive skin, and don't like anything with just a bit of scratchiness against my bare skin, especially around my neck. So when I pick scarves, I usually check the materials first before I purchase. The beautiful Missoni scarf I bought (and returned) was an exception. I knew it had "acrylic" and "mohair" in it, and it usually translates into "scratchiness" but it was so pretty that I had to give it a shot. Although it was a fail, it was a good lesson learned. I know now that I can only admire Missoni scarves from afar. Wear them well, my fellow bloggers. :)  You probably remember that I bought my leopard print scarf from J.Crew last year and it is by far my most used and reached scarf in my closet. Not only is the print versatile, it is made of wool and cashmere and it's light weight and extremely soft. After having such a positive experience when J.Crew scarf, I kept my eyes open for scarves when I am in their stores. Sure enough when I popped in last week, I found something very pretty and unique. The scarf is made of 100% wool, but feels like silk. It's extremely smooth. I am very fond of the pattern and have a feeling that it will go with a lot of my outfit and would be another scarf that I'd get a lot of wear. I cannot find it online, but it's a brand new arrival in store. Retails $58. (In store had a 25% off promotion last week.)
Having homemade pumpkin bread and coffee for breakfast.
Did I mention that Bryan is a fantastic baker?
Do you spy bunnies? hint: picture is sideways.
The scarf is Jasmine approved, since it's got cute bunnies on it. :) 

The week long vacation is coming to an end, and I am not ready to go back to the swing of things. Sigh. Hope you all have a great Sunday! 

Friday, November 25, 2011

OOTD: Sweater Dress & Talbots Saddle Bag

Hi, everyone! How are you doing on Black Friday? Did you venture out last night? Or did you get out first thing this morning? As planned, I didn't join the madness. I did do some online damages though, stay tuned for that later. This morning, Tristan woke me up from my dreamland at 8 am and announced "Mommy I have no long sleeve shirts left!" I tumbled over to his room, half awake, rummaged through his dresser, and to my amazement found out that what he claimed was true. I cleared away some shirts and pants early last week that were way to small for him, so he was left with nothing to wear. My eyes lit up. This gave me absolute legit reason to go out shopping today! For his clothing, it is usually Old Navy.  Not too exciting, but since we have to make it to Old Navy, maybe we can drive a few blocks further and hit the mall?  Later on, when we did get to the mall, there were so many people there that we decided to leave as fast as we could.  He came home with 5 long sleeve tees totaling under $30.

This was what I wore on the trip.  The picture was taken at 4:30 pm. The sun had already set. (Isn't it amazing how short our days are nowadays?) It was a beautiful sunny day but I didn't get a chance for pictures before sundown.
 Outfit Details:
Loft sweater dress (old)
F21 legging
Express vest (old)
Ralph Lauren belt
Talbots Saddle bag in Brown Sugar (bought during 50% sale, thank you Jean, buy here, absolutely adore it!!!)
STEVEN for Steve Madden Bolerro boots (review here, buy here with 33% off Black Friday Special. These boots are very comfortable for walking so I reach for them often)
Amrita Singh ring

I love sweater dresses because you can style them so differently for different effect. See my post on how to wear a sweater dress for other pairing ideas.

I love sunset. It's so beautiful.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, spent time with family and friends, ate as much as I did and found great deals!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Pre-Black-Friday Shopping Report

Update: Make sure you get a list of sales here before you go to the outlet tonight. Stay warm, and be safe.

Hey guys! I went to the Outlet Mall today to look for Christmas gifts for family members and friends. I did that today so that I don't need to get sucked in to the Black Friday Madness. I decided to stay in the warm bed as long as possible on Friday and play Wii with the kids. (That's the plan now, and the plan gets changed 369 million times a day, so don't think too much of it.)  Since I went out to the what seemed like the haunted house (yes it was eerie because there wasn't many people there, and the Coach store didn't have a line outside, that was just unheard of!) and parked at the closest spot I could get. I'd like to share some fitting room pictures in case you plan to venture out there midnight Friday.

Ann Taylor Factory Store
The whole store was 40% off.  (If you have AAA membership, don't forget to get your free VIP coupon book, and get extra 15% off on $100 or more. This is stackable with the 40% off sale.) The cashier lady told me that they weren't sure if this was it for Black Friday or they were going to change sales. "They won't tell us till tomorrow." she told me. I think they are running some pre-sale gauge consumer response. If it doesn't sell well, they might run a sweeter deal? We'll see. To my astonishment I actually found something very nice there.

Tweed Skirt - It's very pretty in person, I'll let the picture do the talking. It's high quality and nicely made. Retails $69.99 , with 40% off the skirt is about $42. I was trying on a size 0P, hence the arm in the back, before I miraculously found a 00P hanging out at the regular sized section. The 00P fits me very nicely.
Just look at the details of the tweed, isn't it amazing?
Pinkish/Blush Top - The color of this top is very pretty. It has an interesting layered front, and knit back. It comes in a lot of colors, but this one is my favorite.
 Remember you can call the store and use the tag item number to let them track down the item and ship it to you if you can't find the sizes that you want.

Theory will be running a black Friday sale for extra 25% off sales items. The promotion was not on when I was there and they won't allow holding or presale. I did try this one and only size 00 black leather jacket on just for fun (the leather is soft and supple and the jacket is on the thin side - more like an early fall, late spring type jacket).  This jacket retails $860 (approximately), and was on sale for $220. Not a bad price if you can get it for 25% off. :)

Banana Republic 
Whole store was 40% off, but I didn't get anything for myself.

Ted Baker 
I have never been to this store, and decided to give it a shot today. I tried on a gray leather jacket (size 0) and couldn't get the two sides of the zippers to touch each other (when I pulled the hardest, the two sides were still 1 inch apart) - I'm not kidding. They really run small. Funny thing is they are not for shorties like me, so this jacket will have to fit a 90 pound girl that's 5'6" and above. Good luck Ted Baker!
How cool is this fitting room!!!
Um, I need to lose 20 pounds!
Cole Haan
They had a 50% off everything in the store sale. But guess what? They removed all the stickers on their items (the price on the stickers are usually 20% off retail), and used retail prices as the base price instead. So you are really getting a 40% off sale at best.  Still love their leather goods. Bought a wallet for Bryan and hoping that "it doesn't work" and it'll be mine. lol.

Bloomingdale's outlet
Newly opened store in Wrentham, located next to the Restoration Hardware. I had to check it out. Nothing exciting but found this Theory sweater on sale. The whole store is currently running an extra 15% off sale.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sale Alert: BBOS Extra 25% Off Today Only

This is so exciting! Extra 25% off today only (update: extended to 11/23) with code: REDHOT. Hope you score some great finds.
I got my beautiful Chanel and Mulberry from them and so happy with both of my purchases. Just make sure to check the condition of the pre-owned items with online live chat service or call them to verify before you make your purchase. The purchases are returnable with store credit only so do your research before hitting the "buy" button.  If you missed the invitation from previous posts, here it is again.

I'm dying for this one:
And how about this Grand Shopping Tote for $1668.75? (SOLD OUT, wonder if one of my readers got it.)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Review: Talbots Corrine Platform Penny Loafers

I want to whip up a quick post here before the Talbots 50% off accessories & shoes sale expires tonight at midnight EST. I ordered this loafer after seeing Jean's post and Sydney's post on Talbots' sale. I resisted for a few hours but then gave in to this beautiful colored chunky heeled loafer. I already received it in the mail, and love it! (Rest of the order is still in flight.) The suede is extremely soft. It fits true to size (I'm a true 6.) The chunky heel is adorable. What's best is the treaded platform rubber sole which makes it so much easier to walk in. It looked amazing with plain skinny jeans I happened to be wearing when I tried them on.  When I am writing this, the Vixen color has only size 5 and 5 1/2 left, but these loafers come in 5 different colors. The price ($39.50) is pretty good considering the quality, design and comfort. So if you are interested, you can check them out here.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Snake Patterned Pleather Legging

Although I own two pairs of pleather leggings, neither of them have made it into my blog posts yet. They are a few years old from Express, but you can find similar ones everywhere. I especially like the snake patterned pair because its cool factor is just way higher than a regular basic black.  After scoring this neon yellow (named "Sulphur") sweater (no longer available online, see it on Jean and Kileen) with my GAP 60% off coupon yesterday for a mere $9, I finally decided to pull those leggings out for a spin. 

When the husband saw this outfit, he insisted that I needed a Nerf gun to go with it. But after a few minutes of looking for it - it must have been buried with other toys in the basement - he gave up so I told him that I'd use my fingers instead. lol.
I know that I'd never be able to act, 'cause I'd laugh myself silly.

Enjoy your Sunday evening, my friends!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Leather, Suede and Cashmere - New (to me) Mulberry

If you read my Chanel reveal, you would already know that I got not one but two bags from BBOS. I couldn't wait any longer to share my other purchase - A Mulberry Edie Small Shoulder Bag with Spongy Patent Leather in Electric Blue. What drew my attention of this bag was the color. It's vibrant, loud, yet elegant. The shoulder strap is adjustable and I can see myself maybe punching one or two more holes. I like it longer this way as well for a casual look. Don't you think this outfit is a candidate for Kileen's color brigade?
This bag retails at $950, but I got a steal at $335. The bag is in near perfect condition - no scratches, no stains on the leather. The only sign of wear was on the locking hardware mechanism showing some hair line scratches. I am more than pleased by it.  Again for invitation to BBOS, click here.

Last but not least, baby Chanel in day light:

Outfit Details:
Cashmere sweater (old, I think I bought it from BJ's, lol)
F21 Suede skirt
Loft necklace
Gold hoop earrings from fine jeweler (old, but love to wear it every day)
Michael Kors watch
Prada boots
Mulberry Edie small shoulder bag in electric blue
Chanel m/l flap in black caviar with silver hardware

Thank you so much everyone for all the sweet words yesterday on my new baby Chanel. I really appreciate it. I will make sure to wear her well.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Reveal: Black Chanel M/L Flap in Caviar Leather

I hope I'm not sending a wrong message by doing this type of reveal 4 times this year. (Some people including my husband might count up to 6, but it's really just 4.) I am a hard working woman who's been very thrifty throughout my life. I used to cringe at buying any clothes items more than $20 and I owned a bunch of ill fitted clothes that were very cheap. My passion used to be getting the highest possible discount on things that I might or might not need or love. After I started blogging, I have changed a lot on what I really will purchase. When I read Kelly's post on how she knew she loved something, I realized that I am the same way. And since then I started using her method as a way to decide whether to keep or return an item. I set a budget for my clothes/bags/accessory purchases and keep a very close tab on it. Note that depending on how old you are, how much you take home every paycheck, and how much you are willing to spend on luxury items, your monthly budget will be different. However no matter where you are in your stages of life, I think keeping a budget is very important.

Did I talk too much already? Ok, here's the story about this bag. I got this bag from Bag Borrow Or Steal which I joined a while back but never made a purchase till now. They offer bag rental, new and used designer and couture bags sale and cleaning/restoration services. If you are into handbags, I think you should check them out. They recently sent me a 30% off coupon code that was valid for a day for all their designer bags. I took a look and found a Mulberry that I really loved. Notice that Chanel is NOT categorized as designer in their website, but couture. I browsed around and stumbled on this M/L flap. It was listed for $2885. The bag is about 5-6 years old. I don't worry about the authenticity of the bags sold on their website, because they are a very big online dealer and they have a team of experts to certify that the bags they buy and sell are authentic. I thought $2885 is a pretty reasonable price. (Current sticker price is just below $4000). But heaven knows, when I put my coupon code in, the 30% off code worked for the Chanel as well. This was when my palms started to sweat and my heart started to overclock (sorry, engineering term, had to throw it in there). I couldn't believe it was real until I had this bag in my hand yesterday.  It was so beautiful! This was when I started grinning ear to ear, dancing up and down the stairs, running around from office to kitchen and back to office. This was when I started tweeting my dear blogger friends to share my good news and my excitement. Thank you, Jean, Kelly, Elaine, Elle, and Sidney for putting up with my stupid overjoy!

Nice thing about caviar? I can use it ... every day! My self picture taking didn't get any better, and the flash seamed to have changed the silver hardware to gold. So bear with me for the not so true to life pictures. But I will share the picture of this bag nicely done by the seller at the end. That is very true to real life.

By the way, I also found out that 5% of the purchase price goes into my account as a credit that can be used for future purchase or services. I am very happy with their service and would recommend them in a heartbeat. For an invite to free membership to Bag Borrow or Steal, click here.

With Flash
Without Flash
photo c/o Bag Borrow Or Steal
Have a great weekend, everyone!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

OOTD: Really Pushing It

I worked till 1 am last night, (or was it this morning), so when I woke up I felt that I didn't sleep at all. I'm the type of person who can sleep 12 hours if you let me. How did I jazz up my spirit? By wearing colors of course. I liked the outfit so much that I wanted a picture to capture it. But there was no one around and I didn't have a remote for self picture taking. (I know what I'm going to ask for Christmas. :)) Waiting till the end of the day is just not an option. I usually look like I got run over by a bus when I come home every night. So I tried self picture taking by using the timer on the camera and just run over to the front of the camera and pose. 

Um, not bad, right?
That's after tons of failure shots like these:
Outfit Details:
Ann Taylor Silk Trench Shirt (00P, buy here, color on the website is more true)
Loft animal print pencil skirt (00P, bought on Petite Little Girl's blog sale, Thank you, Sydney!)
Ann Taylor belt
Ann Taylor pumps
Michael Kors Small Layton Crystal Index Watch (here)


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