Sunday, October 30, 2011

Review: J.Crew Petite Stadium-cloth Boulevard Trench

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Yesterday's storm turned out to be the worst I have ever seen. The fact that the leaves are on the trees still make the heavy snow stick and weigh the limbs down more than they would have if they had no leaves. Downed trees and power lines are every where. I spent the whole morning knocking snow off poor trees that are literally bent down to the ground. We lost a couple of trees, but fortunately nothing serious. Hope you all are doing fine.

Some people (little people) are actually enjoying the storm.

Now onto the Stadium-cloth Boulevard Trench in 00P.

Fit: 00P fits perfectly on me when I am wearing a shirt without a sweater. This is a winter coat, so I expect to wear something thicker. When I do that, this coat fits too tight to be comfortable. So I think I need to size up.
Color: Beautiful Camel color. darker than the stock photos. 
Length: just above knee. Perfect for winter months.
Sleeve Length: Typical of J.Crew, their sleeves seem to be shorter than other brands.
Quality: Beautifully stadium cloth wool that never disappoints. 

I really like the look of this coat from the back. From the front though, I think the belt is too cumbersome. I prefer a sleek looking (no belt) coat, and leave the belting to trenches. (If this coat is on super sale, I might reconsider my belting preference. But for now, this coat is going back.)

While this coat was making its way back to J.Crew today, two jackets are making their way to me today. After seeing the hacking jacket in herringbone on Jean's post, I couldn't help thinking about it. I love the traditional British riding jacket. I love the leaner silhouette, the men's wear inspired herringbones, the irresistible colors - I ordered the charcoal and the heather dark grape.  Both jackets were on an in-store promotion of $125 each (online price $198). I was able to order my sizes using the in-store red phone so I could take advantage of the in-store prices. The SA at Natick Mall (Lauren, thank you!) was so sweet and helpful, that it totally made my day.  The shipping was complimentary if you use the red phone. Isn't it awesome? Great way to find the sizes that I can never find in store.

Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful week!


  1. Too bad that you decided to return the coat. It looks great on you! I am looking forward to see the Hacking jacket. OMG, can't believe you had that much snow in October. At least, the kids had fun =) Stay warm!

  2. Work is canceled tomorrow due to road closures and power outages, so it is bad here too!  I actually love the coat on you...and the color is a perfect camel color!  I look forward to seeing the Hacking Jacket on you...I ended up returning mine.

  3. Aww! Love the snow pics!!! Thanks for sharing!

    That jacket is gorgeous! I am surprised that the oop was too snug! That is good news!  If it goes on mega sale you could do a side belted look? Or change it out for something else in your closet that would match?

    Excited for the reviews of the new jackets on their way!

  4. Wow that's a lot snow! I was already upset that we had flurries here in DC. LOL. For the price, I would have expected the Stadium Coat to look a bit sleeker than it does. The sleeves seem fine to me. I love my Hacking jacket in Double-Serge wool that I posted about, but I'm still trying to figure out if I can keep it or not. I saw the herringbone in the store previously, and I wasn't really happy with the quality and thickness of the material at its regular price. But $125 isn't bad. If that price had applied to the double-serge wool, I would've been faced with a huge dilemma.

  5. Oh the snow! I def don't miss that!! Lol

    I think the coat looks lovely on you but I do agree with you that a sleeker non- belt would def be better:-)

    I can't wait to see the jackets!

  6. Hi! I'm Laura L.! I am so excited! I've never won anything before! :D  I was looking for a way to contact you but I couldn't find your email address! Mine is . If you could email me, that'd be great! Thanks! :)

  7. I almost bought this coat!  I ended up not getting it because I have an ivory wool trench from BR years ago that gets worn maybe 5x a winter because I am afraid to get it dirty.  I've never tried on Jcrew coats....well if this goes for $149 I may reconsider!

  8. Rites of Beauty BloggerOctober 31, 2011 at 1:55 AM

    The colour and style of the coat are so lovely. It's a shame you didn't like the belt!

  9. Wow that's a lot of snow Vicky!

    The coat looks great on you but yes I agree that sizing up would be good, in the winter I'm always in a tone of layers and bulkier sweaters.

  10. hi there, I wonder if you have returned the j-crew coat?  I have been trying to track it down to order it since the size is all sold out in j-crew website in that color and the size 00p is not available in stores.  Could you please please please contact me regarding the coat.  I am also a fellow petite and you know how it feels like when we need certain sizing and they are all sold out.  It's very hard for me to find a nice coat that fit my petite frame.  I love love love this jcrew coat in this color.  Maybe we can set it up somehow so that I can buy the coat.  Maybe when you return it to the store, u could let me know immediately so that i can contact that store to have it hold and ship to me?  My email is  Thank you very much in advance.

  11. Just sent you an email, Elyse. So sorry, but I have already returned it. :(

  12. I'm also looking to buy this coat and had been waiting for a sale. May I ask what your measurements and weight are so I know which coat size I should be on the lookout for. Also, does the coat feel soft (perhaps comparing to the Icon Trench in wool/cashmere that Jean just posted)? I'm about 5 ft, 93 pounds, and I wear lots of layers in the winter so I want a coat that shows my shape but allow bulky layers underneath.

  13. I'm 5 ft, 93-95 pounds depending on the time of day. If you layer a lot in the winter I recommend sz P0. I was wearing a P00 and just a shirt underneath. It doesn't allow for more. I have bigger bone structure than Jean as you can see in the pictures. If you are smaller boned like she is then you might want to try P00. I have not touched the Icon trench that Jean posted so I can't compare. The coat does feel soft. Good luck on finding your perfect winter coat.
    Subject: [vickysdailyfashionblog] Re: Review: J.Crew Petite Stadium-cloth Boulevard Trench

  14. Thank you very much Vicky. That helps a lot.



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