Monday, October 31, 2011

OOTD: Casual Elegance

I am taking a day off today, so I slept in. (till 9 am.) If you would let me sleep without a schedule I would totally dose in my deep dream state for 9 hours or more every night. But guess what I usually get? About 6-7. So whenever I get a chance, I'd sleep like you wouldn't believe. 
Kids have to tread through snow to go trick or treating tonight, but at least it won't be 20 degrees out there. With the sun shining full force, I was pretty comfortable with my outfit today. 
Notice how I wear my J.Crew Shawl-collar cardigan as a shawl today by buttoning the openings outwards by themselves? I am pretty happy with my invention this morning. I wanted to showcase the beautiful Gap blouse and Ann Taylor leopard print belt, so I didn't want to button the sweater. You can do this with any double breasted trench/sweater. See it worn buttoned up here, and opened here.
Outfit Details:
Gap blouse (xs, buy here, purchased in store for $18)
Gap outlet pants (size 1, purchased a few months ago)
J.Crew Shawl-Collar Cardigan (xs, old, purchased here)
Ann Taylor belt (buy here)
Ann Taylor pumps (old, buy similar here)
Ann Taylor necklace (old, buy similar here)
Rebecca Minkoff MAC (buy here)

Happy Halloween, Everyone!


  1. That's such a great idea Vicky!  You look so chic on your day off - I'd be in my PJ's LOL!

  2. Thanks, Elaine. You will never be able to catch me in my PJ's. :) Besides, I haven't been able to take any OOTD pictures for ages, figured I'd use this opportunity. 

  3. Okay seriously loving this outfit! You are so brave taking pics in the snow! I love all the accessories Vicky!!

  4. Thank you, Annie. :) It's actually pretty warm out there. Under the sun I bet it was 60 degrees. :)

  5. wow, great mix of colors and prints!  i love how you buttoned the cardigan outwards -- so creative and it definitely helps to show the pretty shirt and belt underneath.  enjoy the snow and glad you were able to sleep in!

    cute & little

  6. Your pictures look like mine today lol  You look great, I especially love the clutch!

  7. Looks like we both got quite a bit of snow. :) The clutch is a must-have. :)

  8. Gorgeous!!

    I love what you did with the buttons!! What a cool idea!  And I bet it also makes you smile big that you got that sweater on such a discount, too!! I love $100+ items for less than $20!! :)

    Glad you had a day off to relax!! Have a nice Halloween! :)

  9. Happy Halloween to you, Michelle. And yes, big grin - from ear to ear. :D

  10. Poor Vicky!.....snow already?!!  I love your cardigan :)

  11. I honestly can't believe I'm seeing snow in these pics already, Vicky!! Love your Minkoff bag : )

  12. Sooooo chic and classy! Love it. :)

  13. wow, this year snow came so early... You do look casual yet elegant. Love your shirt and cardigan!

  14. Very casually elegant! You look lovely and I agree with others - love how you buttoned the cardi!

  15. Whoa you guys got tons of snow!!  Hope you had a good Halloween!

    I love the look and the colour combo = blue+peach+purple

  16. Awesome photos and really cool outfit, you look great, I
    love your pants, what a great shape and that shirt is so nice, the perfect
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  17. You look great and I NEED that cardigan as you know - cannot find anything similar.

  18. love the bag. the color is so perfect for fall. 

    B So Chic!™

  19. I am stealing this entire outfit idea. You look absolutely fabulous. 

    Lindsey Soup

  20. I love the chunky sweater!

  21. so chic! love it :)
    Xox <3 An
    Enter my giveaway for a pair of Buffalo Skinny Jeans :)



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